Kenyan Man Cry Out As His Wife Gives Birth To Indian Baby

A Kenyan man has wept bitterly on social media after his girlfriend gave birth to a baby of Indian origin.

She delivered an Indian boy in the hospital, which broke his heart because it was clear evidence that she had been cheating on him.

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The man, known on Twitter as @crkinyan1, said his baby was working as a waitress at an Indian restaurant.

He laments being a supportive boyfriend during her pregnancy, fulfilling her cravings only to discover in unexpected ways that the child wasn’t his own.

@crkinyan1 wrote; “I have been a supportive boyfriend throughout my pregnancy. I have been the one making sure she gets what she craves.

I even arranged transportation for her to the hospital. My girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful Indian boy last night. Guys, I am not Indian. “

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The young man replied; “No one 😭 She’s a waiter at an Indian restaurant”.

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