Khalid and Daniella Reveal Their Relationship; He Explains Why He Called Her “Girlfriend” » NGNews247

BBN Meetup 2023: Fans couldn’t be more excited about the love Khaled and Daniela shared. Khalid revealed that they have been able to get over her infidelity on the show and now maintain a steady friendship outside the house.

When Daniela moved into the Dorton house, there was speculation that Khaled was heartbroken and would avoid her once she was out, but they have proven that speculation wrong. According to him, he understood what was going on in the house, saw how it was difficult for Daniela to move on, and was grateful that she respected his relationship enough before moving to Dortun that it didn’t spiral into instability.

Ebuka then confronted him about why he called her girlfriend after the show and why he was so sure about what they had. To this, he responded that the wonderful connection they had while they were at home, that he liked her as a person and it was obvious she liked him too.

This mutual attraction strengthens his belief that they can be together, so he calls her his girlfriend. Despite that statement, he knew he wouldn’t be upset if she had anything to do with someone else, because he understood how tight Biggie’s house was.

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