Kizuna No Allele Episode 11 Review

Maru was transformed into a completely different person, and the grand unveiling happened.

dance practice

Marumaru takes a break from choreography practice

This is good MiracleGet back on your feet, because now the gang is going to conquer the music festival showers. Even Maru Maru participated in the choreography, which is a legend. I hope these internet haters will clean it up, cyberbullying anyone is despicable, but bullying Maruko? What are you, heartless? !

music festival shower

Screenshot 2023 06 19 on 18.11.07
climax over

They probably didn’t win (how a team Ritz and Noelle Didn’t win on it) but they still had a lot of fun. Not much acting was shown, but I’m pretty sure Marumaru absolutely slayed his dance routines and did his part.

Maru Maru change rights

Screenshot 2023 06 19 on 18.10.33
Spring appeared

i assume Complete is Marumaru’s real-world name, and the Quan we see here is their new updated avatar. I mean, anyway, Marumaru is just a name Miracle gave them, they probably hated it all the time and forgot about Miracle, lol. I hope this doesn’t mean we’ll never see Marumaru again, hopefully they return. For now though, Quan appears to be the fifth and final member of Miracle’s circle of friends.

plot idea

It’s always great when Miracle makes new friends and recruits them to her team, though this time it’s friends she’s known for a while, albeit in a different form. Leave any comments below!

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