Kizuna No Allele Episode 12 Review

In this final episode, Miracle and her friends find a name for their team and do their best.

Virtual Grid Award

miraculous optimism

Considering that reaching VGA is Miracle Dreaming from the first episode, I was kind of expecting to see the scene where she reaches her goal in the last episode, but no.and Ritz and Complete As very new characters, a few more episodes to get them more integrated into the team, and then the final performance will be good.

path live

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PathTLive thinks concerts might not be the best idea

Honestly, I don’t blame Noelle For being angry at Miracle here. Evidence of a collaborative concert lowering the rankings is in front of her, but she still insists on doing something “no one has seen”. The other groups that engaged in joint concerts probably thought so, but the rankings plummeted—the rational thinking of Noelle and Riz is exactly what the group needs here.

last Stand

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The five of them watched the positive response to their concert

As Miracle said, when she was going to broadcast live, the countdown was approaching, and this was her last chance to break into the top fifteen. If the collaboration concert really fails, she won’t have time to do anything else to improve her ranking, so the pressure will come. Miraculously (pun intended), the concert went as miracles predicted, and she and Quan joined three others in the top fifteen, making all five of them eligible for the VGA. Will we see them on VGA? unlikely.

Thoughts on this anime

This anime is considered one of the worst and least popular anime of the spring, and honestly, when you compare it to some of the other series, I can see why. That’s by no means a bad thing, but the story is lacking in many ways, and some characters don’t get enough screen time for the audience to actually care about them. I’d give it a 5/10 because like I said, it’s not bad, just a little bland. Please leave any comments you have about this series below, thanks for reading! Please keep supporting us on LAN for the best news, reviews, recaps and more!

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