Kizuna No Allele Episode 4 Review

Marumaru and Chris gave Miracle the courage to verbally communicate with the audience.

old place

Screenshot 2023 04 24 at 19.48.52
Miracle and Maru

Frustrating Maru Maru again Miracle and Chris Hanging out in the same place he seems to live. It’s great to see that Miracle is making friends and having a place to meet them and practice all things virtual artists.

communicative practice

Screenshot 2023 04 24 at 19.58.55
Miracle lives with Chris to practice her communication

Everything about this girl (Miracle) trying to do it here is a colossal failure. Not harsh, but if she takes 20 seconds to come up with an answer to a simple question while live, I’d really like to know how she becomes a virtual artist. Although, she does try hard and it’s well worth watching, but it shows that she takes her dreams seriously and knows what it takes. It won’t stop her if she sticks with it, but to say improvements need to be made is an understatement.

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Screenshot 2023 04 24 on 20.03.23 1
The comment area finally has positive energy!

Miracle decided to put her practice to the test to see how much her “interacting with the audience” skills improved. At first, her comments section looked like a Twitter thread where she was roasted left and right. But after that audio glitch, she managed to (well, sort of) go viral! Afterwards, the positive comments flooded in, and people laughed and shared lighthearted jokes with her.

plot idea

Screenshot 2023 04 24 at 20.24.01
Miracle, for the millionth time – Maru doesn’t want to be squeezed!

Entire episodes are dedicated to Marvel learning how to better communicate with her audience. Apart from a few short scenes, Noelle doesn’t get any screen time, and no new characters are introduced. It’s been a rather slow episode this week, but now that Miracle has gone viral, we’ll have to see what happens next time! Let us know what you think of the series so far in the comments below!

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