Kizuna No Allele Season Two Will Release This October

Despite the negative feedback the first season faced, the second season of Kizuna no Equipotential Line has been confirmed to be released in October this year. If you haven’t seen our Kizuna no Alleles episode review, check it out!


It’s been five years now Ai Kizuna Disappeared from the virtual world.Despite being an artificial intelligence, she has captured the hearts of fans, including Miracle, an aspiring virtual artist and her show. When Miracle attended ADEN Academy, a virtual artist school, she made new friends while learning more about singing, acting and live streaming.

Miracle’s ultimate goal is to win the prestigious Lapin d’Or in the Virtual Grid Awards, an achievement Kizuna has won five times in a row. To this end, she worked hard to improve her channel ranking through live broadcasts and performances, trying to stand out from other students in the academy. Determined to fulfill her dream of inspiring others like Kizuna inspired her, the budding star won’t give up.

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The story basically tells about Miracle’s mission: to become a successful virtual artist, like her idol, Kizuna Ai. She meets friends along the way and together they work towards their goals. The first season didn’t get much critical acclaim, so most thought a second season was out of the question, especially considering the series was co-produced by Studio WIT and Signal.MD. WIT is a fairly well-known animation studio that has created attack on titan, The Legend of Vinland and spy x family – It’s shocking to see them continue such a series with such low ratings. The current rating of “Kizuna Equipotential Line” on MyAnimeList is 5.32, for reference only. Who knows, season two might completely change the way people think about the show and get even more critical acclaim. The season is set to be released this October.

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