Konya Mo Nemurenai Review – When You Accidentally Summon a Demon Prince

In the intricate world of Boys Love and Supernatural comics, Konya Mo Nimulene— also known as “Another Sleepless Night,” “No Sleep Tonight,” or “No Sleep Again Tonight” — is an example of basic but lovable characters and whimsical fantasies. author: Tetsuko YamamotoThe acclaimed manga was serialized on RuTile from July 22, 2011 to July 22, 2014, with a total of Three volumes and nineteen chapters. The finished series will take readers on an extraordinary journey through life Rikiya Higuchi, A college student journeys through his complicated love life only to find himself unwittingly entangled with a man named “The Pride Demon.” Endo Guar Adrone.

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The story’s blend of romantic tension, comedic situations and supernatural elements has been well received by the manga community, scoring an 8.00 out of 10 on popular review site MyAnimeList, with around 19,000 users adding it to their in the list. The delicate balance between Riki’s quest for love and the unexpected challenges posed by his forced partnership with Endo creates a dynamic and riveting storyline. It is worth noting, however, that Konya Mo Nimulene Interspersed with mature scenes, Readers are prompted to make suggestions as appropriate.

But don’t worry! We won’t show anything here.

But we’ll spoil it – so spoiler alert here!

Content: overall plot

The first chapter takes Rikiya Higuchi, a college student as the protagonist, and reveals his personal experience and struggle as a homosexual in society. We initially see him sign up for an online “gay bachelorette meetup” site, implying his need for companionship. At the same time, his relationship with Kong, a teenage boy who comes to Liye’s apartment to watch adult videos, highlights Liye’s indifference to the opposite sex. He has been open about his homosexuality and says he has never been in a relationship.

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His life takes a turn when he receives a friend request from Yuuji on a party site, fueling his excitement and hope. Riki leaves work early, and when he gets home he receives an email from Yuuji expressing his desire for friendship. The happiness of finding like-minded people also resonated strongly. In the meantime, Sora’s father deals with a little drama when he finds out that his son has stolen his adult videos, and thanks Riki for his kindness.

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Yuuji’s Riki also said he wanted to be friends

Chapter 2 begins with the development of Rikiya and Yuuji’s relationship. After two weeks of communication, they decided to meet in person. Riki is shocked by Yuuji’s attraction, but things go awry at the karaoke bar when Yuuji drugs Riki. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a dangerous situation, with Yuuji and two others with cameras present. In desperate need of help, Riki unwittingly summons a demon named Endo through the Sigil. Endo saves Riki, defeats the men, and offers to grant his wish. However, Riki also doesn’t want to manipulate others into falling in love with him, so asks Endo to come home. But to his surprise, Endo shows up at Riko’s house.

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Introduction of Endo

In Chapter 3, Riki and Endo return to Riki’s apartment, with Endo expressing dissatisfaction with the limited space. When Rikiya questions his existence, Endo’s bird companion reveals that Endo isn’t ready to go home, even though it’s against the rules. The end of the chapter reveals that Endo is actually a demon prince. The reason he didn’t want to go home was because he was escaping an arranged marriage.

We see flashbacks. Through Endo’s escape, we saw Vader, another demon in the Demon Realm, frantically looking for Endo. He finds a portal open and pushes a lesser demon away, allowing it to pass through.

So now, Li also has to provide comfort and care for the high demon prince who refuses to go home.


I won’t summarize the whole plot for everyone, because I really like this manga! Things start to change dramatically after the first volume, and this is undoubtedly one of the most unique stories written by Tetsuko Yamamoto. We usually see Yamamoto dealing with “weak” men – her art style is one I can easily point out in a crowd – but I really like the dynamic between Endo and Riki, and the way Riki makes friends along the way Friends’ activity.

The comic even inspired a spin-off short film series called Kimi to Korekalaor loosely translated as “From Here With You,” focuses on another couple introduced in the series.

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