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Yahoo Boys’ girlfriend Cindy Barbie has revealed she fell in love with one of his clients and helped him with his scam.

She said she knows how to speak with a foreign accent, which she usually uses to speak to clients on behalf of her boyfriend.

However, Cindy began to develop strong feelings for the victim, whom she described as a good person.

According to her, the man wanted to send her boyfriend $25,000 for her fake accent, but she wanted to admit to the client that it was all a scam.

Cindy said; “I call my yahoo boyfriend (I can fake an accent, and I’m born with a good voice). I started to develop strong feelings for one of my clients. He is a very lovely person.

He wants to send my boyfriend $25,000 and I need help how to tell my boyfriend behind his back that everything is fake. “

In related news, another Nigerian woman said she would rather marry an Internet scammer who likes Yahoo+ than a man with a regular job.

She explained that the Yahoo+ boys usually cash out with the help of Jazz, so it’s a guaranteed way to keep the money flowing.

Yahoo boys are better off than working-class men because they can always renew their fortunes whenever the money seems to be running out, she said.

According to her, if a working-class man is broke, he has no immediate way to get rich or get out of financial trouble.

The young lady said in an interview on the street that scammers have family members who can supplement their wealth, while those who work normally have no relatives, so they struggle day and night at work.

She also said she liked the way the crooks pampered their girlfriends, took them out in the drive, and how they put the baby in the front seat and acted like a cute couple.

When asked if she would be willing to be with a Yahoo boy who won’t be able to make money for three years, she dismisses the idea that this kind of thing could happen to her boyfriend.

Still, she reiterated, the good thing about being with him is that if the money runs out, he can always use the jazz and renew it.

The interviewer also asked her if she wasn’t afraid that EFCC agents were often after the Yahoo Boys, but she said she had nothing to do with them.

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