“Liar, Liar” Release Date Confirmed: July 8th

The release date of the animation of “Liar, Liar” is confirmed as July 8, and the animation is produced by GEEKTOYS Studio.


In Academy Island, everything is solved through a “game” with a certain number of stars, and the strongest students get a ranking of seven stars. wide peopleThe transfer student actually defeated the strongest empress and became the strongest fake in the whole school!

by: MAL

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key point

Previously published key visuals


liar, liar second trailer

to throw

Voiced by Hiroto Shinohara: Genta Nakamura

Himeji Shirayuki voice: Shuto Yukina

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Voiced by Saionji Sagasa: Kuramochi Wakana

Naoya Akizuki voiced by: Rika Tachibana

Tsumugi Shiina voiced by: Yurika Moriyama


Voiced by Natsume Ichinose: Fengko Kuwashima

Kagaya Ami Voice: Hibiki Yamamura

Fūka Tatara Voiced by: Momoko Seto

Voiced by Yūki Tsuji: Mai Mochizuki

Seiran Kugasaki Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama

Kazami Suzuran Voiced by: Sora Tokui

Voiced by Shinji Enomoto: Junya Enoki

Voiced by Nanase Asamiya: Saori Onishi

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