List of food stuff business in Nigeria

There are many food businesses in Nigeria, the list below includes some of the most common ones:

1. Grocery store: These stores sell a variety of food items, including fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, meat, and packaged goods. Examples include Shoprite, Spar, and Park n Shop.

2. Farmer’s market: These are open-air markets where farmers sell fresh produce directly to consumers. Examples include the Mile 12 market in Lagos and the Utako market in Abuja.

3. Supermarket: These are large grocery stores that sell a variety of food and household items. Examples include Tantalizers, Citydia, and Prince Ebeano.

4. Online food store: These stores sell food online and deliver it to your door. Examples include Jumia Food, Konga Food, and

5. Street Food Vendors: These are vendors who sell prepared foods on the street or in local markets. Examples include Suya sellers, Akara sellers, and Mai Shayi (tea) sellers.

6. Food processing enterprises: These are companies that process and package food for distribution and sale. Examples include Dangote Group, Nestle Nigeria and Flour Mills of Nigeria.

7. Fast food restaurants: These restaurants serve fast food such as burgers, fries, and chicken. Examples include Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic and Tastee Fried Chicken.

8. Catering service: These services provide food and beverages for events such as weddings, parties and conferences. Examples include Crystal Catering, Food World, and Gracious Events.

9. Meal delivery service: These are services that deliver food from restaurants or grocery stores to customers’ homes or offices. Examples include Bolt Food, Uber Eats, and Gokada Foods.

These are just a few examples of the many food businesses in Nigeria.

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