Loving Yamada at Lv999! Episode 11 Review

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In the last episode, we saw the touching moments between Akane and Yamada, and also learned about Yamada’s past and Tsubaki’s secret love for him. We learn how Tsubaki’s infatuation started to grow, and how it’s now starting to fester in her heart and cause her pain.

This episode, I hope we see more developments with Akane and Yamada, and Tsubaki’s crush on Yamada.

Episode 11: There’s Something I Want to Tell You


The episode begins with a visit from Akane by Momoko (“Momo-chan”) who delivers the groceries. Momo asks her if Akane has been to the hospital, and she explains that Yamada took her there. Shocked, Momo asks if the two of them started dating without telling her, but Akane swears they’re just friends. Peach doesn’t think a man would do all this for a woman he doesn’t love, so she’s conflicted, but decides not to make her worry about anything more while Akane is still sick. She leaves, telling Akane that “when it comes to love, it’s all about timing”.

Momo looks at Akane in shock

Before seeing the text from Runa, Akane texted Yamada to ask about her cold. Akane wonders if Runa logged in yesterday and met the “new girl” in the guild, since Akane hasn’t done so yet. She logs into the Forest of Salvation.

She looks for Eita as Rurihime online, and he sits next to new player Tsubaki. Akane and Tsubaki chatted for a while, it seems that they are both of the same “Paladin” profession.

Yamada Episode 11 00006
Tsubaki and Rurihime

Liuliji, Tsubaki and Akane go out to hunt monsters, Liuliji looks on, and Akane/Tsubaki take the lead in fighting the mini-boss. This clip is largely comical, just to show that while Tsubaki and Akane like the same guy, there’s no animosity between them.

Akane logs off and calls Yamada, talking about the boss. A long time passed, and Akane apologized for taking up so much of Yamada’s time, saying that she wanted to hear his voice. After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone without waiting for him to react, trembling with nervousness. She immediately texts Momo, telling her that she has something to say tomorrow.

Yamada Episode 11 00012
Yamada and Akane talk on the phone

The two go to a coffee shop, and Akane wants to ask Momo if she has a fatal flaw in dating, and Momo insists she doesn’t seem to have one, but before their conversation gets too in-depth, the two show up and try to Squeeze into the table.

The two guys started getting really aggressive and one of them entered Momo’s private space when a waiter showed up with Akane’s water and Momo’s pancakes. However, our waiter was none other than Liuli Ji herself, Eita Sasaki!

Yamada Episode 11 00009
Eita was whispered about those guys making trouble at Akane’s table

Eita forces the two off Akane’s desk and continues their shift. However, as his shift draws to a close, a co-worker tells him that two girls — Momo and Akane — are waiting for him outside. He goes to meet them, and Seo tells Young-tae that she has something to tell him, and asks if he has time to talk.

Yamada Episode 11 00011
Eita is glad Akane is waiting for his shift to end


This episode largely felt like a foreshadowing for the next one, but overall, there were a few things that indicated I was excited to watch this episode. First, Akane talking to Yamada so casually on the phone and letting go of “I just want to hear your voice” shows that she’s definitely sure of her feelings now.

Secondly, Tsubaki is very clear that Akane is the person Yamada likes, because he will receive her call immediately. Even so, she chose not to be indifferent or mean! I’m glad Tsubaki isn’t a bad guy.

From a writing standpoint, making Tsubaki relevant as well was a great move. Just like what Momo said – in love, timing is everything. Unfortunately for Tsubaki, it never seemed like the right time for her to enter Yamada’s heart the way Akane did.

Both Akane and Tsubaki are forced to confess to Yamada – but only one can!

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