Loving Yamada at Lv999! Episode 12 Review

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Lv999 loves Yamada! and My love story with Yamada Lv999! all in english translation Yamada-kun Lv999’s Love!.

alright! we are coming! Yamada’s penultimate episode, we have a lot to cover. In the previous episode, Akane was eager to tell Momo and Eita something. This episode, I think we’ll find out what that is.

I hope we get a confession from Akane too! But it won’t work if Tsubaki is ahead of her…


The episode begins with a brief clip of Akane and Eita meeting in the Savior’s Forest, before wrapping up with a scene we saw in the previous episode. Sitting on a nearby bench with Akane, Momoko, and Inta, Akane tells them she has something to tell them both because they are important people to her.

Akane and Eita with Momo in the background

Akane tells them she likes someone (of course we know it’s Yamada). She wants Eita and Momo to be the first to know. Eita tells Akane that when he first saw her in the Forest of Salvation, she was bored and disheveled—he realizes now that she might just be in a trance from the breakup. In fact, he’s proud of her for getting this far.

Falling in love with lv999's Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0008 Akane
Akane is thinking about her crush

Both Momo and Eita encourage her to confess to Yamada. Eita tells Akane that he’s never seen anyone as cute as Yamada. Rejuvenated, Akane runs all the way to Yamada’s house, wondering when she fell in love with him.

lv999's Love Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0007 Akane Train
Akane is on the train, on the way to Yamada

She rang his doorbell, ready to confess, but the hustle and bustle of suburban life around her prevented her from concentrating or finding the right words. Yamada lets her in and tells her that if she walks with him to the station, he’ll hear her on the way—he has to go to cram school. Akane left Yamada’s house with him. On the way, Akane couldn’t think of a good way to express it.

In lv999 fell in love with Yamada episode 12 comments 0006 Akane and Yamada walk
Yamada and Akane walk to the station

After all, the streets are busy and crowded – is it appropriate to be in public like this? She decided not to, and said she would look for another opportunity. As she was thinking about all this, she almost walked in front of a car, and Yamada pulled her back. Akane is dazed, but walks with Yamada, who grabs her wrist so she won’t do it again. Akane notices this and thinks she used him without knowing she liked him.

lv999 Love Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0005 Akane and Yamada's Hands
On the way to the station, Yamada holds Akane’s wrist

Akane still hasn’t confessed when they get to the station, and Yamada says he’ll call her tonight and she can tell him. When Akane left and Yamada went to school, it started to rain.

In lv999 love Yamada episode 12 comment 0004 Akane and Yamada are outside
Akane says goodbye to Yamada at the station

Yamada and Tsubaki meet at a cram school and share an umbrella to the station. Tsubaki was happy to share an umbrella with him, but her arms were still wet from the rain. Yamada just gave her the umbrella and said he would run to the station, but Tsubaki stumbled as he was about to chase him and her glasses fell off her face.

Falling in love with lv999's Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0003 Tsubaki's Tears
Tsubaki cried

When Yamada bends down to hand her the glasses, Tsubaki whispers that she likes him. Yamada’s face was very gloomy, and he frowned, knowing that he had to reject another girl. Chun begged him, just today, to think about her.

lv999 Love Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0002 Yamada is unhappy
Yamada after Tsubaki confessed to him

Meanwhile, Akane is at her home. She got a text from Yamada saying he was sorry he couldn’t call her that night. The next day, when Yamada counsels Luna, Eita jokingly asks if Yamada has confessed his love (Eita thinks Akane’s confession was successful). Yamada confirms that he did, and Eita is surprised that Yamada doesn’t seem too happy about it. He warns Yamada not to cheat on the girl, which annoys Yamada, who says he won’t.

Ai Yamada commented on lv999 episode 12 0001 runa
Runa notices that Yamada is mad at Eita

After tutoring Luna, he visited Akane’s place of work and apologized for not calling her yesterday. Akane notices that Yamada is upset and does her best to cheer him up, telling him she thinks he’s a really cool guy and drawing her Savior character on his hand. She told him that even though he acted the way he did, she knew he was kind and always paid attention to the conversation, even if he didn’t understand every detail of the jokes.

Falling in love with lv999's Yamada Episode 12 Comments 0000 Akane smiles
Akane tries to cheer up Yamada


I’m very, very happy that we were able to see the parallels between Tsubaki and Akane played out really well in this episode.After all, Arcain is perhaps Confess to Yamada – but Tsubaki beats her. the difference? Unfortunately, Tsubaki was the wrong girl at the wrong time.

In the next episode, we might see Tsubaki being rejected by Yamada, and some developments between Akane and Yamada. The question is, now that Akane is aware of her feelings, when will Yamada become aware of her feelings?

what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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