Loving Yamada at Lv999! Episode 13 Review

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Lv999 Fall in love with Yamada!andMy love story with Yamada Lv999!all in english translationYamada-kun Lv999’s Love!.

Earlier, we saw Tsubaki finally confess his feelings to Yamada – and he wasn’t too happy about it. This episode, we might see him reject her and hopefully come to terms with his own feelings for Akane!

What a wild, wild ride this season has been for the anime! Let’s take a look at the season finale together!


The moment of Tsubaki’s rejection came, full of tears and tenderness. Tsubaki confided in her feelings for Yamada for the past three years, and admitted that she felt a little bit refreshed. However, Yamada admitted that he was unable to reciprocate her affection, and she simply said “yes”.

Tsubaki cried

Tsubaki noticed that Yamada had Akane’s sketch in his hand and asked him if he had feelings for Akane. unable to contain my emotions, And no one would lie about such things, He confirmed it.

lv999 Ai Yamada Episode 13 Comments 00010
Yamada admits romance

That night, the guild held a meeting for dinner. Akane notices Yamada’s absence, but Eita assures her that he’s late. As they ate, Kamoda drew attention, with admirers filling his table with free gifts, including alcohol.

lv999 Ai Yamada Episode 13 Comments 00011
i love mr.Gamota

Due to being late, Lu Nai almost pushed the drunken Akane onto Yamada. Kamoda notices that Akane becomes very cheerful when she gets drunk. Yamada is tasked with making sure the drunk Akane gets home safely, a scene reminiscent of their first episode.

lv999 Ai Yamada Episode 13 Comments 00007
Sis is a clingy drunk

In the final scene, as they walk home, Yamada’s firm grip on Akane’s hand is evident. In her apartment, Akane couldn’t contain her curiosity and stammered to ask Yamada if she liked her. He smiled unexpectedly, “I guess I got caught, huh?”

Ai Yamada lv999 Episode 13 Comments 00008
Yamada’s smile

Qian denies understanding him, accusing her of being drunk. Still, they hug, and Yamada promises to repeat his confession until she remembers.

lv999 Ai Yamada Episode 13 Comments 00009
they hug

Their newfound intimacy is shown in the end credits, with Akane asking them to hold hands, and Momoko’s reaction to their relationship.

lv999 Ai Yamada Episode 13 Comments 00012
they hold hands


This episode was visually stunning in my opinion. The animation studio did a fantastic job of effectively conveying every emotion, detail, and plot twist on screen, truly captivating the audience. It was as if I could feel the emotions of the characters myself. After reading the manga, I can confidently say that the adaptation is masterful.

Akane Kinoshita is a character that I particularly resonate with. Her personality traits, struggles, and development create an engaging complexity throughout the series. It was interesting to observe the contrasts and commonalities between Tsubaki and Akane, two very different characters who share subtle similarities. These character design elements provide a wealth of relationships that are compelling and engaging.

As a fan, I’m hoping to see more of the love story unfold in season two, though it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be able to continue this emotional journey soon, and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating character of a character like Sissy!

What are your thoughts on the series finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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