Magic and Muscle Episode 3 Review

Marsh begins his day-to-day life as a magic student, learning how to fly on a broomstick, baking some puffs in the pantry, getting into trouble with a bully at school, and getting dragged to a duel (Marsh my version of quidditch), but most importantly, made a trusted friend who was also his roommate Finn.

mashle episode 3 f
“Quidditch” from the Mashle series: The Duel

Potterhead is back up again!

As mentioned in the first and second episode reviews, for those who love JK Rowling’s famous masterpiece, this series will give you some nostalgia and satisfaction, because you may get an animated version of Haribo special.

mashle episode 3 h
symbol of easton house

Seeing some of Mashle’s characters appear to be “Malfoy and gangs’, glimpses of houses Eastonand witnessed the broomsticks used in the “Quidditch” game; almost all the core elements of this episode are filled with Harry Potter references, and it is believed that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Mash just doesn’t care!

One of the highlights of Matthew’s characterization, which has become a hit among fans of the series, is his similarity to Saitama’s writing style. Not only in terms of his muscular strength and power, but most importantly how he sees himself and the world around him.

Mashle episode 3D
Matthew smashes Lloyd’s face on the ground

He’s not the type to bow down to an unjust bureaucracy, he doesn’t mind breaking any rules or crossing the line, something many people fear because deep down he knows and believes the system is wrong and is just a bully for civilian.

It’s one of the things that makes him more appealing, maybe it’s a common trope in some of the main protagonists, but when it comes to paste In a world full of magic, it becomes the main interest of the story.

mashle episode 3 e
Matthew kicked Vice Principal Farman in the face

comedy finally arrives

The first two episodes found a big problem anime adaptation It’s the comedy that falls short in certain situations and scenes, so the joke bursts don’t really carry much weight. However, that was fixed a bit in this episode, as some of the jokes and silly faces in the story were delivered very smoothly and beautifully, so the laughs were really funny.

mashle episode 3b
Shocked hilarious expression of students who lost to Mash

final verdict

This episode sets up the character introductions and brings some new aspects to the world-building aspect of the story.the presence of understanding magic bureau and three coins Having cool additional information for viewers at school, we’ll have to wait and see how all that setup pays off later in the story.

Again, the comedy in this episode is well done and deserves applause because it means there is progress.Let’s hope and look forward to more interesting situations in the future, because this is the series So fun and engaging.

Mashle Episode 3G
silhouette of the holy visionary

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