Magic and Muscle Episode 5 Review

mix and match 05 j
Silva uses steel magic to attack Dot

A new chapter in Mash’s journey Easton School of Wizardry and Wizardry He unfolds when he meets a brash classmate named Dot Barrett who possesses powerful explosive magic, and gets involved in a situation with a vicious second grader named Silva Iron. At the same time, a group of Langfu students secretly prepare to conquer the academy.

everything turns into cream puffs

pounded 05b
Lance is shocked by Matthew’s cooking skills

The first part of the story is the comedy part, Matthew, Finn, and Lance are doing homework together, making potions with Mandragora (Mashle’s version of Mandrake).Easily the funniest moment of the episode was paste Attempt to craft potions with detailed instructions lance But ended up making cream puffs over and over again.

Meet Barrett!

Syrup 05 g
Hothead student Dot Barrett debuts

Arguably the most refreshing and interesting character on the main protagonist roster has finally joined the story.his name is point barretta young man who thinks he is the main character in his life and everyone else is just a supporting role.

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What makes his presence and participation in the story so interesting is how he sees himself and then reacts to everyone around him, including Matthew and a beautiful girl Who exactly wants to deceive and use him. His hilariously hilarious arrogance when he’s with a woman is just the punchline, especially with his facial expressions when he’s angry or shocked.

pounded 05 d
Little surprised to see Matthew by his side

Meet Silva Iron!

No character introduction would be complete without the conflict that lets a new character shine through in the story, in this case by a Silva Who looks down on young students and bullies them. The beautiful girl says that her situation with Silva makes her feel uncomfortable and insecure, which is the clue for our new character Dot to show his attractiveness.

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Mash 05c
Silva takes aim at Marsh

One thing to note is that Silva doesn’t seem like the previous antagonists in the story. He seems to have been designed and written to be a very powerful and formidable antagonist for the protagonist, so we should all wait and see how the conflict plays out.

Langfu Yingjun

mashup 05 i
Langlou Student Group

One scene that can become a highlight and a preview of the great danger to come in the story is the appearance of a squad or group of people. Lang Lou A self-proclaimed student of the highest rank in the academy with the aim of taking over silver coins from other academies, including Adler This is the home of Matthew and his friends.

final verdict

pounded 05 e
Noisy spot gets slapped by Matthew

Aspects of the story, such as comedy, action, and character introductions, are fairly evenly proportioned, with multiple pieces of new information every few minutes, keeping the pace of the story enjoyable.Some of the new characters debuting in the series are also interesting, though their characterization is really mainstream and can be played in Mashle: Magic and Muscle.


The action sequences and magic effects in this episode are also well-animated, although those are not the focus of the episode.The jokes in this episode should be the funniest, like in the mangabut most of them feel hit and miss with their execution.

05 hours
Tap on his spells to activate his explosive magic

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