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Man Begins Bicycle Ride From Kastina To Lagos To Congratulate Tinubu » Ngnews247

A 26-year-old supporter of Bola Ahmed Tinubu rode a bicycle from Katsina to congratulate the winner of the presidential election.

Gaddafi Musa, however, had people making fun of him when he said he was riding to Lagos state to meet the president-elect.

He told reporters that he had planned to meet Tinubu in Lagos, but the reason he was being teased on social media was because Tinubu moved to the defense guest house in Abuja’s Maitama district on Thursday.

The former Lagos state governor will work in the Ministry of Defense until he is sworn in as president on May 29, 2023.

Men's Cycling Tinubu Celebration

“The President-elect will move into the Defense Building at FCT Maitama, where he will spend the next few months, and from there he will move into the Presidential Villa,” All Progressives’ Congress PCC tweeted.

@cypher_12; this fomart don cast, Next 🙄

je2384640; This wan don dey went somewhere I don’t know.

@sirexuberant_; so he left thinking he’d find his way in the most populous city and find Tinubu’s house, believing he’d be admitted amid cheers

Nancy Wheeler; it’s a road, Tinubu wey don don go defense house

@Tife2504; the first Balabluu will be empowered with agbado, recruited into the Nigerian army, and powered for roasted booli 😒😆

@LawStud01785792; Am I the only one looking at that so called bike he’s carrying 😂😂💔


nancy9473: I don’t know, I said Jagaban no dey Lagos again.Ha ha

@Guchijones4; he must be very unemployed and looks like he needs deodorant

@EmmanuelMande00; Una mumu never does? Northerners complain the most.we are watching

@obikrasi; Bandit quick use this for BBQ

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