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A Nigerian TikTok influencer named Black Chully has broken up with his boyfriend, leaving him in a state of complete breakdown.

He wept heartbroken on social media while speaking out about how she treated him unfairly.

The young man with tears in his eyes said he did what Chu Li asked and gave her everything she wanted, but she ended their relationship.

He said that he had loved her from the bottom of his heart since day one and that her actions broke his heart.

Watch the video below:

This comes weeks after Black Chully cast a heavy shadow over the former lover of the man who bullied her.

His ex-girlfriend, Mhiz Gold, took to the comments on Chully’s post and said she was dating a guy she dumped for being a non-serious boyfriend.

In response, the TikTok Kill Queen taunted Gold by saying that just because he didn’t take care of her on a date doesn’t mean the same thing will happen.

Black Chully revealed that he bought her a synthetic hair, which she proudly displayed during a live session with her man backstage.

“They don’t take care of you doesn’t mean they don’t take care of me,” she said.

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