Man Takes Random Lady On Date After Her Exams, Spoils Her With Shopping, Spa Treatment (Video) » NGNews247

Nigerian content creator Asher Kine spoils a random schoolgirl with a day of romantic dinner dates and spa treatments.

On the day she was writing the test paper, he approached her and asked if he could take her out after she finished writing, and she agreed.

The woman who called herself Peace revealed that she did not have a boyfriend, and Peace later returned with a bouquet of flowers to fulfill her promise.

In a widely circulated video, the two visit a spa and nail salon to give her a facial and manicure.

When finished, Asher took Peace to a boutique to buy new clothes and shoes. Then they went to a perfume shop to buy perfume, and then went to a hairdresser to buy wigs.

The content creator drove her to a nearby hair salon to get her hair done, and ended up having dinner at an elegant restaurant to round out the day.

Watch the video below:

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