Mashle: Magic and Muscle Episode 11 Review

Matthew kicks Abel in the face

The final episode before the finale brought the ultimate conflict between Marsh and Abel, who took away many of the students’ magic and unleashed a variety of deadly puppet attacks. While Matthew ultimately emerges victorious, chaos seems to remain as two innocent members of Zero enter and endanger Easton’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Muscle Head VS Secret Puppet Master

Marshall 11 g
Matthew is turned into a puppet by Abel

Frankly, the ultimate battle between the main character and the main antagonist can’t beat the fight in episode 9 in terms of stakes and choreography, since Abel is designed to be a passive magic user who can only stand and move and does no damage, And also written as a pompous villain who always underestimates his enemies in his serenity until his attacks are penetrated or countered.

Mashler 11 hours
Abel releases Marini a second time: Hurt the Golem

Despite Abel casting multiple dangerous spells to defeat paste like marching with his puppet, turning Finn and Marsh turning into golems, even summoning his giant creepy golems, no attacks really hurt Marsh that badly abyss If not physically, then at least mentally.

Marshall 11 J
Marsh Introduces Vertical Spine Magic: Hell Falls

While there are places and moments that surprise and endanger our protagonist, we’ve all probably predicted that Marsh can overcome anything, including his formidable stamina and even his spinal reflexes.In the end, Matthew emerged victorious, not only successfully defeating the main threat college Saved other students too, especially lemon They are held hostage and extracted by magic.

The Pain of the Top Elite

Like his subordinates, abel walker Also retains a bad past that triggers his beliefs and actions in the present as we finally get to know his kind and loving mother. Coming from a noble family doesn’t make Abel’s mother feel special, so she always reaches out to the poor in need, only to end up being stabbed by greedy men for her kindness.

Mashler 11k
Abel’s mother was stabbed

This moment gave Abel a different perspective and vision than before his late mother. The root of his principles is the elimination of the weak and inferior, including those without magic, in order to build a better world.

people taller than them

Marshall 11 n
Innocent Zero’s mysterious member goes to kill Abel

Mentioned a few times in previous episodes, the wanted man finally shows up lance Marsh and his friends are nowhere to be found, eventually discovering that whatever happened to him resulted in his identity being duplicated by members of a group of rouge magicians called “Innocent Zero”.

Mashler11 m
Jon Pierre fends off Wren

Transgender man masquerading as Lance was surrounded by a serial killer named Lance Jon Pierre He uses his cutlery magic to invade the academy, kill Abel, find the group’s target, and finally fight Ryan Arms. With a lot of conflict still at the end of this episode, the remaining episodes will probably only spill a few drops of tea before we get a sequel. this Japanese animation adapt.

final verdict

Mashler 11i
Matthew sneaks behind Abel

The penultimate episode delivers yet another brilliant series of action sequences, character digs, and conflict introductions that not only wrap up the current story, but also build a new bridge to immediately jump onto a new arc.While the tension might not be as intense as in episode 9, this episode still gave a satisfying ending magic wolf arc This might skip some beats in the storytelling, but still feel fun and exciting in every moment and episode.

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