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Today’s feast is Saturday, May 6, 2023. The holy seraphs are trained on Mount Dov in Lebadia. Osia Sophia practices with her Klesoura. St. George of Gomati. St. Job the Miracle Worker.

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The Ripon Seraphim is at the top and bottom, and the Sinesty Seraphim of the universe holds the fire. Ἤlat’ ἅἀμα ἔνθε Seraphim of heaven and pole.

Saint Seraphim (his secular name was Sotiris) was born in the Boeotian village of Zeri to pious and kind parents who raised him in the teachings of the Gospel. Therefore, the saints have a tendency to study the Bible from an early age. He lived the life of an ascetic.

As a child, despite the temporary refusal of his parents, he went to the monastery of the prophet Elias on Mount Karkala, where he built a temple in the name of Christ the Redeemer and lived there as an ascetic.

His fame soon became known and he was frequently visited by his parents, friends and devout followers for advice and assistance. For this reason, he left his beloved cave and went to the monastery of Aghii Anargyro.

He immediately left this monastery for the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, on the Sagarmatios hill between Boeotia and Evia. There, he quickly became the first spiritual star, and the abbot made him a monk and named him Seraphim. He was later ordained a deacon and elder.

Not long afterward, to avoid being vain by virtue, he sought permission from the abbot, and left the monastery of the Penitents for the site of Donbos, west of Helicon, where he built the temple of Sotiros. . Searle and called him a monk.

There he practiced asceticism for ten years, teaching other monks useful teachings of the monastic life.

She fell asleep on May 6, 1602, at the age of 75. At 6 p.m. in the middle of Pentecost, after foreseeing him falling asleep and taking communion in the Immaculate Mystery, she fell asleep.

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  • Seraphim, seraph, seraph, seraph, seraph, seraph, seraph.
  • Work, work, work.

On May 6, our Church commemorates the Prophet Job of Justice, Saint Seraphim of Dovre Badia and Saint Sophia of Crezuela.

Watch the video below to learn about the life of Saint Seraphim the Dervish of Livadia, the Gospel Studies, the Monastery and the Apoliticium.


Reliquary of the Holy Seraph of Livadia

Some of the relics of St. Carla and St. Seraphim are located in the monastery of the same name in Boeotia.

Fragments of the relic of the Holy Seraphim were found in the holy monastery of Agathnos Huthiotidus.

Saint Seraph Apolitikiko of Levadeia

Voice C. Faith in God.

Plants of the Boeotian gods, on whom they put the temperance organs, and exalt the seraphs, you deserve it, for you, Hosea, follow in their footsteps, you shine in the world, Father Hosea, Christ implore God, you have received great mercy.

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From the earth, from which I rose like a Greek sprout, thy holy vessel, father of our seraphim, radiates healing rays, and let us marvel at our reverence for you. From there those who approach your body religiously are fully healed and healed.

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