Meghan Markle can make anyone like Charles III

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It’s coronation time. On Saturday 6 May, England will formally crown Charles III. As a nation that rebels against royalty, we’re also fascinated by its pomp and circumstance, as well as its poignancy and scandal. Prince Harry.

Live: Coronation of Charles III

No matter how much we hate other royals, or have an axe attitude towards the new king, our own would-be princesses bind us together. As Seeger once asked. I have been a huge fan of Prince Charles for decades. But comparing him to Markle, I’m ready to restore the divine right of the king.

I have good reasons and so do you.

Markle only hit the royal stage a few years ago, sweeping the royal family like Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. (She doesn’t have a dragon. She doesn’t have to be a lady.)

Markle spent many years in Hollywood before marrying the prince, notably on the TV show Suits. While this has officially elevated her to Duchess of Sussex, she has found that being a royal is a life of service, which is why staff, directors, media and fans alike regard her as one of the hungry dragons. The opposite of narcissism living in Tinseltown.

King Charles and Camilla’s love story: How she went from mistress to queen

Nothing is enough. Markle went from second row royal to third row royal on TV, which angered her. She complained that the royals were racist and had the audacity to ignore Queen Elizabeth’s advice on learning how to be a royal. , became a thorn in the hearts of the queen and her family.

Every time a crisis subsides, the couple creates another. Like, for example, when she put out a Netflix documentary about supposed hardships. (Queens are not to be taken lightly. Apparently, Markle has never played chess where a queen can easily sweep an opponent off the board.)

Harry published an autobiography called The Standby, and it felt like a blow to the royals they didn’t like. Markle and “Backup” were part of a media deluge that turned fans against them. I was teased for participating.

The couple are very unpopular in a place where they are both royals. But perhaps because they are weeks away from the news and her decision to avoid the coronation, their approval ratings here are soaring. Despite the increase, 33% of respondents still view Markle positively, while 39% view her negatively.


With her royal efforts unsuccessful, Markle turned to those who treat her like royalty: the Left Bank. She signed a deal with a high-profile agent designed to make her a “powerhouse” and a “Hollywood queen”.

Now let’s compare everything to the new king. When Queen Elizabeth died, I thought the accession of Prince Charles would make me covet King Ralph.

Like most Americans, I didn’t hate Charles to begin with. He was doing his job in the Royal Navy and I respect that. He received international attention when he married Princess Diana.

No couple cares more about all of us than Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Their courtship and wedding in 1981 was a world-renowned event, and America loved the young couple as much as their cheerful older British brethren.

When they visited America in 1989, our love for the “storybook” marriage that the media kept calling for was intensified.

However, there is one final chapter to the story, which ends badly. Then he and Diana both cheated. Their marriage fell apart. She then died tragically and is commemorated in Sir Elton John’s rewritten version of “Candle in the Wind”.

Charles stays in the news. People have been making fun of his doomsday climate comments for years. In March 2009, he warned that “he has only 100 months to act” on climate change. That was about 170 months ago. In July 2019, he lowered the target to 18 months, saying “his next 18 months will determine our ability to sustain climate change at feasible levels.” . That was 45 months ago.

That’s why he’s not good at math. At least he’s good at building. The new king was an ardent defender of traditional buildings and towns, which helped to create the very beautiful town of Poundbury. Attacks modern architecture and emphasizes alternatives based on classical forms.

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Most of the time, modern buildings disrupt the landscape. So he got it right.

To be fair, he was destined to play a royal villain for the rest of his life following his split from beloved Princess Diana. It’s a familiar Hollywood plot. The first villain we meet in The Wizard of Oz is the Wicked Witch of the East. Just like in the movies, the Wicked Witch of the West takes over.

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In the real world, that’s where Markle came from. I like Charlie III more and more every time there’s a bitter Hollywood haridane in the news.

God bless my emperor!

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