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Mixed Reactions As Lady Pounding Yam During First Visit To Man’s House » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman has sparked a debate online after revealing she prepares food for a man who is not yet her boyfriend.

The young woman, Tunmishe, said they were in the middle of a conversation and she visited his apartment in Yaba, Lagos state.

She says he wants to eat yam puree, so she decides to make it for him, only to find out later that he is engaged.

Tunmishe wrote; “Random thought of a guy who was on stage with me invited me to his place in yaba, he was craving yam puree, I did. Just to find out he has a babe abi fiancee Imao”

@gynola_ola; What do they call the stuff they use to pound the yams? Does that guy have one at home?

@dan0ny_; Do things for good, not for profit.

@iam_samorai; no one sent you to make me. Unfortunately, it has happened, it has happened. Be careful in the dating space because…well. Things are no longer the way we imagined them to be.

@MarcLexy; Moi moi and pounded shouldn’t be something you do for someone if it’s not for good intentions

@Pascal649004581; nothing wrong here. The only problem is that she’s doing it to make things serious, which isn’t the case. I cook for myself and for guests, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

@ifeoluwa_NT_ife; Do you eat or not? ? Now, you both ate the pounded yam now.

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