Modi on parade: Deals, displays and doubts as Indian PM visits France


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Paris on Thursday for a special visit. Modi was the guest of honor at the July 14 military parade on the Champs Elysees, but his visit is also expected to deepen New Delhi’s ties with the West’s oldest strategic partner, with India set to accept a deal worth more than 5 billion euros for 26 French Rafale fighter jets .

On the geostrategic front, there’s a lot to talk about – Macron is out because of India’s hesitation in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while questions remain about India’s position on China.

Perhaps Modi wanted to get a feel for what was on the ground first, rather than adopting the high-handed stance of a more established world power.

After all, India has much in common with Russia and China as part of the BRICS trade bloc. Is this a new round of adjustments by world powers?

Produced by Charles Winter, Josephine Jolly and Imen Meraz.

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