Mom mode! Sandra Bullock is ‘very involved’ with her kids during her acting break

Take on her most important role. Sandra Bullock Especially when it comes to her family, which is busier than ever during her time away from acting.

“Sandra was always very hands-on with the children when she was at home, but she is now away from her career and is very active in school. lost city new actress weekly.

An insider said Bullock was “everywhere” and her kids needed her around. us“She volunteered as a guardian, joined the PTA, and helped around the school. She cares deeply about the lives of her two children now.”

of bird box The star adopted son Louis, 13, in 2010 and daughter Leila, 11, in 2015. In March 2022, she announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry and reunited with her family.

Sandra Bullock

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“When I’m working, I take my job very seriously…I want to be there 24/7 with my kids and my family. I’m going to be there for a while,” she said. , Brock and her long-time boyfriend are both parents, Brian Randall – explain entertainment tonight At the time, she added, she planned to take care of her children’s “everything they need” and manage a “social calendar.”

Following news of her career suspension, sources said us July 2022 “One Resource [Bullock] Writing checks and shopping are some of the best times she has with the kids. “

The Oscar winner has been candid about her motherhood journey over the years, including that raising children with Randall, 57, wasn’t always easy. They also have a daughter named Skyler.

“I have a partner who is very Christian and sees things in two different ways,” Bullock shared. November 2021 episodes of red table talk“I don’t always agree with him and he doesn’t always agree with me. But even when I don’t agree with him, he’s an example. It’s the same.

Although they go up and down weakness The star went on to call the family dynamic “the best thing ever,” adding, “I don’t need paperwork to be a devoted partner, a devoted mother. I need to be told to be there all the time.” No, you don’t have to be told to get through it with a good person. “

Talking about her parenting style, Bullock reveals Add to In December 2021, she will reprise her role as “Bad Cop.” She continued: “As you know, we all have our place. But I’m the one they want to hug and sleep with. “

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