Moment Graduating Nigerian Lady Rejected Boyfriend’s Proposal With Cake and Car (Video)

A young Nigerian man surprised his girlfriend by proposing to him at his graduation, only to be heartbroken by the response.

He storms into her school with a cake and a new car, which he wants to give her as a gift if she agrees to marry him.

The lady had just finished checking in with her classmates when her man showed up, making the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Unfortunately, she rejects his marriage proposal, refuses to accept the car, and returns to the cake she holds in her hand.

A video that surfaced on social media captured the moment the man looked at her in disbelief as she held out her hand for him to take the cake back.

Witnesses urged the graduating student to agree, but she remained firm in her decision.

Seeing that the man refused to accept the cake, she was so angry that she threw the cake on the ground and ran away angrily.

Watch the video below:

In response, ire_yi_mika said; I still don’t understand this say yes 😂😂 Are you her?

phemmypoko; NDI said yes! ! Wonder if they abused the baby? See UNA’s mouth! Say yes.

iamsheila_; Don’t you just accept the crowd and people’s cosplay, and then you talk about rejecting it in private? I still don’t understand why people like to do this? Do you embarrass the person you are with?

phemmypoko; Mind you guys who are making public proposals without discussing them with your partners first. Are you not afraid of SHEGE or SHEGE BANZA? Oops! 🥲🫠

Sandy Coco __; Stop making public proposals, if you don’t want to marry a man, stop proposing to him, stop giving him hope that you will marry him.

tim_lushskincare; Na Only this girl knows her eyes can’t see the relationship, but people are people after all. Una go Dey saying yes out loud is like saying na u to face a challenge or put in her shoes. Honey, you are strong and only a strong woman can stand her ground because she knows she deserves better. Peace of mind is the ultimate, don’t show off. If you treat a woman well, she will accept your proposal even in her sleep. There are more eye-catching things.

Epistle; say yes to what? Una go just dey shout “say yes, say yes”! The guy never even bends his knees, never speaks in their head, “say yes”, don’t ring the air. Let no one try me on my day…well, it’s not going to be on public display anyway.

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