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Moment Ipeleng Picks Ebubu To Join Her In The Grand Finale (Video) » Ngnews247

Ipeleng, Titan Boss’ roommate and winner of the Week 8 Supreme Dean competition has nominated roommate Ebubu to join her at the BBTitans Grand Finale scheduled for April 2, 2023.

Recall that Housemates competed in a privileged Supreme HoH match at Head of House on Monday. The winner of the competition will be awarded a spot in the final and has the right to choose a roommate to join him/her in the final.

Ipeleng defeated Blaqboi and became supreme leader. Her victory granted her nomination immunity for the rest of the season, meaning she already earned a spot in the finals. Another of her assignments was to nominate a roommate to join the finale she did on Week 8’s live Sunday eviction show.

Ipeleng had 25 minutes to make a decision during Sunday’s live eviction performance, but she was not told to open a second box containing a second reward for the highest HoH title winner. At the end of the 25 minutes, Ebuka, one of the hosts of the live eviction show, called on Ipeleng to pick a roommate to join her in the grand finale. After careful consideration, she chose Ebubu, and now both of them have booked places in the finals, leaving only three spots for the remaining 10 roommates to compete.

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