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Moment Man Slapped Armed Soldier For Flogging Him » Ngnews247

A video that shocked many has captured the unexpected moment a man slapped an officer on the spur of the moment.

The soldier can be seen punishing three unnamed men on the side of the road by asking them to do frog jumps in one place.

However, while the trio were serving their sentences, the armed officer began beating one of the men over the head with a cane, which enraged him so much that he slapped the soldier.

The man reacted and opened the muzzle of the gun to shoot, but the man ran away immediately, attracting the chase in the play.

Interestingly, the other two people who were also serving their sentences stayed where they were, and the scene in front of them seemed to make them dumbfounded.

Watch the video below:

In response, @TomiwaIsrael; this guy shouldn’t be running…he can’t shoot the guy at close range once you know the military has guns and has opened fire on him.

@ChiemelieEze; that’s silly when your best plan is to run. It might not be Nigeria, it might be one of these comedic characters, or he’s just lucky to think soldiers have a conscience.


@Committee; Those guys should stay and finish him off. That’s how I like myself to be rebellious. Those others should get on with their lives. This myth has been demystified.

@timrhymes1; I remember this video. I guess it happened in 2020.

@UgoGod63; @OluchukwuMaduk; What happened after that please

@OtikEfe; ​​Wait! The other two stood and waited, assuming they had also taken off. ? What if that soldier didn’t catch the man? ? ? These two go to finish o😂

@Mr_Salmz; Still others are standing there waiting for me… Osoooor!

@Emmanue99947202; Fela – cops slap you in the face, you don’t talk, soldiers spank your ass, you look like Dondi – the narrative doesn’t change, this is the last Nigeria.

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