Moti Japa – Controversial DJ Chicken Says As He Regains Freedom After Weeks In Police Cell (Video)

Nigerian disc jockey and entertainer DJ Chicken has been released by police three weeks after his arrest.

It may be recalled that he was arrested in the first week of May for his alleged arrest in a car hit-and-run incident in Rakovi, Lagos.

A widely circulated video captured him surrounded by a group of people, and he reportedly knocked over a person and tried to escape, but he was quickly caught, which resulted in the destruction of his new car.

The crowd wanted to beat him, but several begged him not to be harmed, so he was handed over to the police.

In a new video made after his release, DJ Chicken appears to have lost a lot of weight while in custody.

His head was shaved so that only the skin remained. The busker gave his usual shout-out to his fans, noting that he was happy to finally be free.

Watch the video:

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Not in your imagination; DJ Chicken and Jin Tang 5 & 6… Chicken Soup

mbf_kennel; if my dog ​​catches this “chicken” 🤣🤣

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