Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 1 Review

Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is Episode 1 of Season 1 Part 1 .

Overview + General Information

Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation from A light novel of the same name. It originally aired in winter 2021 to rave reviews, and is by far one of the highest rated different worlds on MyAnimeList. Season 1 is divided into 2 parts – here we will cover part 1.

I’m hopeful because I usually find Isekai anime boring. However, with Season 2 set to hit theaters in Summer 2023, I decided to binge-watch the first two installments. let’s start!


Our episode begins with our main character, an unnamed man in his 30s, getting hit by some kind of vehicle. As he receded between conscious and unconscious, he kept hearing these strange voices in an unknown language. Sometimes the voice is male, otherwise female.

When he woke up, he was born to an unknown man and woman who both spoke that strange language. We know that Paul is the father’s name and Zenith is the mother’s name.

rudy was born

Our protagonist is named “Rudeus”, or “Rudy” for short. He’s a bit of a freak, and he’s been seen squinting at his own mother and maid Lilia a few times. As he climbed up the window to look out, he fell and his mother picked him up and cast a healing spell on him. Through this, we learn that the world uses magic.

Over a year passed, and Rudy more or less learned how to read. He found 5 books around the house and after reading one of them he decided to try one of the spells to see how well he could use magic. Fortunately for him (and us), he can.

Colorless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 1 0005 rudy magic
Rudy uses magic for the first time

He uses magic, but is not happy with the blisters he conjures.He tried again and was able to summon it Not even the incantation is quoted. However, he fell and it splashed all over him. His “MP” is low, basically mana or chakra in this world, and he’s exhausted from using this spell twice. When he woke up, his mother and maid thought he was asleep and wet themselves.

Colorless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 1 0004 Rudy Embarrassed
Rudy is embarrassed because they think he pissed

We learn that for Rudy, the more spells he uses, the more powerful and easier his spells are to cast. One day, he figured out how to use mid-level magic, but underestimated its power, blowing a huge hole in the wall of his house as a result. Mother was very happy to hear that he was such a powerful magician, but father still wanted to train him to use a sword-so, he decided to ask a magic teacher in the morning and swordsmanship in the afternoon.

mushoku tensei episode 1 0002 zenith happy
Zenith delighted with Rudy’s magic tricks

His magical mentor is Roxy Migurdia, and Rudy has some pretty gross sexual innuendos to her. Despite this, Roxy is very indifferent to teaching Rudy because she doesn’t think his parents are smart enough or knowledgeable enough about magic. When she realizes that Rudy can use magic without spells at all, she changes her tune and realizes that Rudy might actually be worth teaching.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 1 0001 roxy Introduction
Roxy Migudiya

After accidentally knocking down a tree in the garden, Roxy fears she’ll be fired, but Zenith (the mother) seems keen to keep her. They even threw a welcome party for Roxy. In this new world, Rudy told us, he hopes that even “unemployed recluse bums” like himself can start over.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 1 0000 roxy eating
Roxy eating at her welcome party


So far, I’ve really enjoyed seeing Rudy’s past life in his present life. In Another World, when our protagonists enter new worlds, we tend to lose the “people” they already are. However, I don’t think we’ll see that with Rudy!

Still, that doesn’t mean I like people like Rudy. He seemed really rude and hostile towards Roxy (who he described as middle school age). This is really, really disgusting. I hope we see more character development from him too.

I wish the main character had more development, first and foremost!

Second, I really liked the animated clips of Rudy practicing his magic tricks. I think they did a great job and look great!

Overall, the tone of the episode was a lot slower than usual, which I can respect. Usually in Episode 1 of Another World, the protagonists are already in the Adventurers’ Guild and about to start their first quest. I really enjoyed seeing these training sequences – even though our main character was a bit over the top, we still saw him practice and learn! I hope we see him utilize what he learns later!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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