Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 10 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnationyes official english nameTakeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is the 10th episode of Season 1 Part 1 .

I can assume we’ll see more of Ruijerd in this episode. I’m kind of at a loss as to how we’re going to experience the “journey” of “coming home”.


The episode begins with Rudy, Eris, and Ruijerd killing and eating monster meat for dinner. Eris is happy and content to eat this way and live off game, but Rudy wants beef and rice.

Alice happily eats the monster’s meat

They reached the edge of the city, but Rijeld told them he wasn’t allowed in. We know that his nickname is “Deadway”, and the whole Demon Continent is terrified. Ruijerd tells them not to worry because he can jump and climb over the walls that surround the city, but Rudy tells him not to because it will cause panic inside the walls. Rudy found some blue goo nearby and used it on Rejed’s hair so his green hair wouldn’t be noticed.

Foodless Reincarnation Jobless Reincarnation EP 10 00004
Rajrud with blue hair

They’re short on money, so Rudy, Alice, and Rijeld register with the Adventurers’ Guild in hopes of doing good. They named their team “Dead End” in the hope that by completing tasks, it would slowly raise Ruijerd’s name. They even introduce Rajrud to a group of rowdy adventurers who laugh at him and don’t believe he’s real.

Rudy bought Alice a cloak to wear, and they went to dinner somewhere. During that time, a group of adventurers asked Eris if they wanted to “party”—for example, join their party—but Eris couldn’t speak Demonic Tongue. In fact, a button on Eris’s cloak broke, and Eris was so angry that he beat one of the adventurers, Kurt, mercilessly. Rudy apologized, and they left to sleep in a nearby hotel.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 10 Kurt
“Kurt” defeated by Eris

Rudy does some calculations and realizes that by doing D-class assignments, they won’t make enough money to stay in a hotel. That night, he comforts Alice, who worries that they won’t be able to get home and will be stranded in the city.

That night, the God of Man came to Rudy again in a dream. Rudy is very upset about going back to his old body again, so he tells Hitogami to hurry up and tell him everything he has to tell him so he can go back to his childlike body. Hitogami tells him he’s not having fun, but suggests he go find the lost kitten. Rudy is confused because the pay for this type of mission isn’t high, but he trusts Hitogami enough to accept the mission the next morning.

Jobless Reincarnation Jobless Reincarnation EP 10 00005
Rudy is in his dream again (man and god reflected in his glasses)

Ruijerd uses his red diamond – his “third eye” – to locate the kitten. They’re a couple of things: First, “kitten” is more leopard-like than anything else. Second, a group of adventurers is kidnapping critters and then “returning” them when the guild can find them for a quest.

Rudy, Eris, and Ruijerd trap them against the wall, and Rudy tries to intimidate one of them, demanding to know why they trapped the animals. One of them, a man named Lohman (sometimes “Roman” according to the translation), kicked Rudy so hard that he flew against the back wall. Ruijierd beheaded him without saying a word.

Jobless Reincarnation Jobless Reincarnation EP 10 00006
Lohman/Roman, the one who was beheaded

Lohman’s guild members scream in horror, and Rudy asks Ruijerd why he did that. Ruijerd said Lohman was “evil” so he could kill. Rudy tries to help Ruijerd understand that you should avoid killing as much as possible, but Ruijerd doesn’t get it, and doesn’t understand why Rudy is upset.

Foodless Reincarnation Jobless Reincarnation EP 10 00007
Ruijerd, don’t understand why he shouldn’t kill Lohman

Anyway, Rudy threatens the other two guild members and tells them they’ll do something unless they want more trouble. First of all, they are going to the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow to pick up a C-level killing mission. Second, they’ll swap tasks with “dead ends”. In this way, Rudy and his guild can complete higher-level tasks than the rules allow.


I know this group of people need money to get home, but I’m kind of annoyed that we have to watch Rudy and Ellis make money in this way in order to save money to go home.It’s a weird gray area right now – I hope the show emphasizes the points they have no money They are struggling and it is impossible to survive this way. Maybe even show Rudy or Eris how expensive food is in town and have to go hunting for dinner that night?

Like, from the viewer’s point of view, of course, I know they need money, but that’s not the case… Feel Like they need money. Does that make sense? Until now, Rudy, like anyone else, had to worry about where to eat dinner or sleep. I think emphasizing that now they’re struggling will give viewers a clearer view of the way home.

In addition, the way home is not very clear. They get the money and…then what? Just leave the city? They have no plans yet, the next episode is part 1’s finale. The feeling is not over yet. Somehow, it feels rushed and procrastinated, Because I don’t have any clear instructions on where we are going.

It’s an odd shift in tone, as the season has started off so well.

What do you think? Am I nitpicking, or did the last few episodes here feel different? Let us know in the comments below!

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