Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 11 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is the 11th episode of Season 1 Part 1 .

Heading into the Part 1 season finale, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We might see Rudy and Eris slaying some monsters with Ruijerd, but I hope they have something more exciting at the end of part 1. To begin with, I’m not sure what that would be.

We’re introduced to a lot of characters at the end of episode 9 or 10, so maybe one of them will show up?

let’s see!


The episode opens with Roxy looking at a giant bulletin board listing the names of those who died in the Mana Cataclysm. Luckily, neither Rudy nor his family was on it. Two people—a bearded man and a blond woman—mentioned that they knew Paul. Roxy wrote Rudy a note and left it on the bulletin board. Roxy mentions that she is taking care of the norn, but Elsa, Lilia and Zenith are missing, so she will go to Millis, Zenith’s hometown, to find them. She thought Rudy would come home intact, so that’s why she didn’t look for Rudy.

Roxy Search Bulletin Board

At the same time, Rudy, Alice and Rajrud accepted the task of exploring the “petrified forest” in order to investigate the monster. However, when they arrived, they saw two other teams – one made up of a large boar, and the other with Kurt and her two companions. Apparently, the guild triple booked this mission to three different teams. Pig Yaonan told them that they would not be allowed to get the bounty, first come first served. Ruijerd fears for the safety of Kurt and her team, considers them children (If you remember, Ruijerd was very protective of children)Rudy told him they should tail Coulter’s team and intervene if things got too desperate.

Unemployed Reincarnation Part 11 Part 1 0006 Kurt Scared
kurt scared

Well, things did get pretty desperate in fact, but Rudy kept Rajed from intervening too soon. Rudy explained that if they help at the last second, their reputation will be even greater. However, Rudy waited too long, resulting in the death of one of Kurt’s guild members. Ruijerd and Eris act immediately and kill the two monsters that attacked Kurt’s group, but Ruijerd is furious that Rudy stopped him from helping and allowed someone to die.

Unemployed Reincarnated Episode 11 Part 1 0005 Kurt Crying
Kurt cries over loss of teammate

It’s clear that Rudy feels guilty, but Kurt says it’s not Rudy’s fault because it’s her team. She said it was their fault for not being strong enough. She also resented Ruijerd for calling them “kids” because she claimed they were adventurers who signed up for a job knowing they might die there. Ruijerd apologized, while Kurt and her surviving teammates left the forest.

Foodless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation EP 11 00022
Kurt and her surviving teammates

They overhear the pig demon fighting the “mahogany cobra” – the mysterious monster they were supposed to investigate. Rudy told them they could interfere this time, forward he died.

Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 11 Part 1 0004 Eris Celebrates
Eris celebrates their victory over the Mahogany Cobra

We see a neat fight sequence where Eris and Ruijerd fight and defeat the monster (Rudy doesn’t do much in the fight), but Ruijerd finds the pig demon’s body, lamenting them again too late.

They return to the city to find the horse demon, who is also an adventurer named Nokopara. He beat up Lohman’s teammates and made them tell him about their relationship with the “Dead End”. He tries to blackmail Rudy, Ruijerd, and Eris into giving him half of their monthly income so he won’t sell them out to the Adventurers’ Guild. Rudy thought hard, but couldn’t figure out how to get out of it all.

Unemployed reincarnation episode 11 part 1 0003 nokopara threatening rudy
Nokopara blackmails them

Suddenly, Rajrud poured water on his head, revealing his green hair. Nokopara collapses in horror and everyone yells at him for being the real “dead end”. He threatened Nokopara that they were going to leave the city and that he would kill him if they found out that their license had been revoked because of Nokopara’s snitch.

Foodless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation EP 11 00023
Ruijerd washes the blue slime from the hair

Some guards came running to arrest Rajed, who was forced to flee, leaving Rudy and Ellis alone. They found Kurt and her surviving teammates, who collapsed in terror upon seeing Rejed. Rudy asked them why they were afraid, after all Rijeld had saved their lives. They were speechless, and Kurt could only apologize in a low voice.

reincarnation of unemployment episode 11 part 1 0002 ruijerd choking nokopara
Ruijerd scares Nokopara

That night, Rudy and Alice left the city walls to find Rajrud. When they did, Rudy apologized for making his own decisions and trying to minimize everything. His decision resulted in the deaths of 2 people and forced Rajed to expose himself so they could escape a potentially dangerous scene. Ruijerd also apologized, saying he blamed Rudy too harshly without understanding how much he was trying to balance in every decision — making money, clearing Sperd’s name, and protecting Eris. It must have been very difficult to make the decision that was best for all three of these things.

Unemployment reincarnation part 11 part 1 0001 nokopara scared
Nocopara freaked out

They camped outside the city walls that night, and the next morning they found Rajrud with his head shaved so that people would not be afraid of him again. Rudy gave him a hood reminiscent of the ones they wear in Naruto. I think It comes from Alice’s home. He uses it to cover his third eye, and Rudy promises everyone will have an equal say in decisions from now on, because they’ll be working as a team.

Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 11 Part 1 0000 Rajed and Rudy Star
Rudy and Rijeld reconcile


For the season finale, this… sucks. I liked the revelation of Ruijerd’s identity – it was well done – but as far as what actually happened, nothing. Come to think of it, the season just ended and Rudy, Eris and Ruijerd left the city we spent in, what, 2 episodes?

This ending is not very satisfying.I invested in Ruijerd, sure, but no That invest. I hope we see another character discovered, or something like that. How crazy would it be if they found out that Sylphiette was being harassed by some random adventurer or something, and then BOOM, title card, and season finale?

Once again we end up in this ambiguous fashion, which is not very satisfying. Where will they go? In the beginning, we got this cool note from Roxy that gave us the names of all these places, but we had no idea where Rudy was near those places. If we even end up on a map or something that shows us where Roxy and Rudy are headed, we might get a little excited because he might see some past characters blow up again after they’ve been teleported.

I haven’t hyped season two yet. I would, of course, but I really hope this show steps up its game.

What do you think of the ending of Part 1? Let us know in the comments!

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