Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Episode 4 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is Episode 4 of Season 1 Part 1 .

We did some plot development last episode, but didn’t really focus on Rudy as a character. I’m not quite sure what this episode has in store for us, whether it’s about Rudy or the plot.

I don’t have much to say yet, so let’s get started!


The episode begins with Zenith announcing that she is pregnant again. Initially, everyone was very happy – until Lilia announced that she too was pregnant. Paul immediately confessed that this could be his child. Yes, my respect for Paul was wiped out within the first 2 minutes of this episode. He’s just haaaaaad to trick Zenith. She immediately slapped him across the face.

Zenith, absolutely distraught with the current situation

Zenith asked Lilia to sit down and asked her what to do now that she was pregnant with Paul’s child. Lilia said that she would leave immediately after giving birth to Zhenli and return to her hometown to take care of the child. Zenith objected, since Lilia’s hometown was a full month away. Lilia is about to have a baby, and it’s dangerous for her to travel alone.

Rudy interferes and lies to Zenith about what he heard. He insists that he overheard Paul threatening Lilia, or he would throw her out of the house, and that’s why she was pregnant. Both Paul and Lilia deny it, but Zenith believes what Rudy heard. Rudy insisted it wasn’t Lilia’s fault so they couldn’t throw her out and he wanted the kids to grow up together. Zenith finally gave in, and Lilia could continue living with them. Lilia understood that Rudy lied to save her and was grateful.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 3 00011
Lilia, looking at Rudy, noticed that she was grateful

Paul and Rudy’s relationship becomes complicated, and so does our relationship as the audience with Paul. At this time, Aisha (daughter of Lilia) and Norn (daughter of Zenith) were born. Paul is still dismissive of Lilia, and we learn that when Lilia went to school with Paul, he beat and destroyed her in her sleep. Rudy readily admits that Paul is scum, But doesn’t openly despise him – he respects his strength.

Paul gave Rudy the option to go to school but insisted he didn’t need to because he could already read, write and do maths. Rudy continued to ponder the question while hanging out with Silfit, who he claimed would pass him soon. Rudy laments that he hasn’t made any progress with his village magic or sword training, and Hilf hugs him.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 3 00008
Silfit hugs Rudy

Sylphie begs him not to go, so Rudy assumes he’ll stay in the village and “raise Sylphie to be his ideal woman”—which, ew. Total. But that changed when Paul came to him with a letter from Roxy, telling him if he was trying to study magic in his quest to get into Ranoa’s Magic University, which she told us about in episode 2.

Rudy makes a very unreasonable request to his father over dinner – if he can pay for his and Sylphie’s tuition to go to La Noa University. The father apparently declined, and Rudy said that if his father could help him find a job, he would find one himself so he could pay for Sylphie’s tuition. When his sword skills are enough, he should also earn money. Paul agrees.

A lady named Ghislaine came to Paul’s residence, and both Paul and Zenith greeted her warmly. Paul then wrestled Rudy with a wooden sword and attacked Rudy violently, and Rudy was knocked down.

Jobless Reincarnation Episode 3 00009
Ghislaine, a new character, a half-orc.

When he woke up, he found himself in Ghislaine’s carriage, and Ghislaine said that starting tomorrow, they would be partners and work together.


I really, really hated how disgusting Paul turned out to be. Just last episode, I complimented his character and how mature he is when he thinks Rudy is doing something wrong. Guess I shouldn’t trust people in this show so easily, huh?

Well, anyway, I also really don’t like the way men talk about women. The way Rudy talks about Sylphite is very vulgar, about how he’s going to grow and groom her to be his own ideal woman. Hilfet is not the NPC to let Rudy change and control the way he sees fit. I really hope he’ll have something against the idea in the future.

Not to mention, the way Paul talks about women is vulgar too. He talks about little kids as if they’ll grow up to be attractive, and he even discusses with a 7-year-old boy how he needs to be careful who he sleeps with. He even said that Rudy should “chase a donkey” – become Sylphit. That was…disgusting, man. Paul is really badass.

Regardless, I hope we see more women standing up for themselves in the form of Ghislaine. We’ll have to wait and see!

What do you think? Am I getting here yet? Let me know in the comments!

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