Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 1 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnationyes official english nameTakeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is Episode 01 of Season 1 Part 2 .

Heading into part 2 of season 1, I’m not sure what to think. In fact, I know we’ll see Ruijerd again, and I’m expecting him to take center stage with Eris and Rudy, at least for the first 3-4 episodes.

However, I’m still waiting for an explanation of some of the characters we saw in the second half of Part 1!

let’s start!


It’s been 1 year since part 1 ended. The episode begins with the “Dead End” team arriving at the seaside near the new city. Rudy makes some of the creepier comments to Eris in his head, and we see a couple of characters at the end of Part 2. First, a blonde woman and a bard who seems to know Paul. Second, we see that Roxy is also in the city that “Dead End” just entered.

Eris in the ocean

“Dead Ends” as a party seem to have become fairly famous because a sailor had heard of them. However, since he’s heard that Ruijerd is a Sperd (sometimes spelled “Superd”) – he charges 200 emerald ore coins so that the three of them can cross the sea safely. Obviously, that’s a ridiculously high ticket price.

Rudy holds a “dead end” meeting with Ruijerd and Eris over dinner, trying to figure out what they’re going to do with the money, but no one can come up with any good answers about how they raised it. Obviously, even for an S-rank mission, this amount is ridiculously high.

Colorless Reincarnation Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Ruijiede Bald Disturbed
Ruijerd, laments the exorbitant fees

That night, when Rudy fell asleep, the man-god reappeared in his dream. Rudy and Hitogami’s relationship is weird, because apparently Rudy overthought his actions towards Lohman at the end of Part 1, causing them to have to flee the city. Hitogami was a little embarrassed that he had given Rudy unclear instructions, and it had been a full year since they last spoke.

mushoku tensei unemployed reincarnation part 2 ep 01 rudy old body
Rudeus transformed back into his old body

Hitogami gave Rudeus some more advice – yes, buy some street food tomorrow and walk in the back alleys. If he does, he’ll be lucky. With nothing else to do and feeling stressed about finding a passage across the sea, Rudy plans to follow his advice. The next morning, he told Ruijerd and Eris that they would be alone that day.

Alice and Rajrud were fighting and Alice managed to hit him when Rajrud was distracted. He noticed a small figure with blue hair in the background – reminiscent of a character we all know: Roxy!

mushoku reincarnation reincarnation part 2 01 Roxy
Roxy watching Ruijerud and Alice fight

Regardless, Rudy is following Hitogami’s advice. Walking down a back alley with some street food, he stumbles upon a small man wrapped in a cloak who is wailing that they will starve to death. Rudy gave them food, and in return the number— who was exposed Kishirika KishirisuLittle-known purple-haired little witch in the last season – Will grant 1 of his wishes.When Rudy wants money, half the world, and losing her virginity, Kishirika Kishirisu says she can’t – but she able Give him a “demon eye”. She did something very painful to his eyes and left.

colorless reincarnation reincarnation jobless reincarnation part 2 01 kishirika
Kishirika Kishirisu!

Rudy is granted “Foresight”, an ability that allows him to see up to 2 seconds into the future. He bumps into a random guy, pushes him away, and stumbles away. We learn that Kishirika is actually a demon lord, which is why she’s able to give him eyes. According to Ruijerd, she has been “resurrected”.

Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 00026
Alice, on the verge of crying because Rudy hit her

Anyway, Rudy got used to his eyes and was finally able to defeat Eris in swordplay, much to her displeasure. For Alice, it feels like just when she’s just starting to improve, Rudy suddenly takes the lead with a “cheat” like getting this demon eye. That night, Rudy goes to sell the cane he got from Alice and her family in exchange for some money, but Rajed stops him.

Even if it was unethical, Ruijerd said he would be willing to find some way to sneak onto the ship rather than pay the fee. Just then, the man Rudy had earlier saved from the falling cauldron— gallus cleaner —appeared and wanted to “say thanks” to Rudy for his help.


I’m glad some of the characters from the final installment are back! At the end of part 01, I started to get overwhelmed by the large number of characters and had trouble remembering all their names. The way they bring back Kishirika Kishirisu is also very well done in my opinion!

Still, I need a fatal piece of information: why are they here? what are they looking for Why did Keshlika come back to life? The last time we heard about Roxy, she was going to Millis, Zenith’s hometown – where was that? Is this just on the way?

Next episode, I hope we see Roxy and Rudy reunited!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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