Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 4 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is Episode 04 of Season 1 Part 2 .

From the previous episode, we saw Rudy finally win the favor of the Beastkin tribe that imprisoned him. Likely, in this episode, he’ll be back wandering with Eris and Ruijerd.honestly i am not really How I look forward to their aimless wandering.

Well, we’ll see.


The episode begins with Rudy spying on Eris and two Orc girls taking a shower. A tribe warrior captures him, Gase, and tells Rudy that while he regrets wrongfully imprisoning him, he will not be forgiven if Rudy takes action against his daughter.

rudy spying on three girls

That night, Rudy and Eris dined with the tribal chief and Gus, along with his two daughters, Minitona (Tona for short) and Tersena. Gyes notices the Ghislaine ring on Eris’ finger and we finally mention that this tribe is Ghislaine’s tribe (Although we already know the last episode).

Reincarnation Without Food Part 2 Episode 4 00008

However, Gyes is very unhappy with Ghislaine. It seems that Ghislain was very irritable and unruly when he was a child, let alone a poor swordsman. One day, a traveler came and took Ghislaine away. Gase sees her as a traitor to the Horde. Alice stood up for Ghislaine, calling her a venerable swordsman and her master. Gase seemed to regret his words.

The next morning, Tona and Tersena approach Eris and ask her about “Aunt Ghislaine”. Apparently, Ghislaine is Gasth’s younger sister. While they were talking, Tona decided that she wanted to learn swordsmanship from Eris, and Eris agreed.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 4 00009
Tona practicing with Eris

Three months have passed since the “Dead End” stayed in this village. The reason is that it is the “rainy season” and it is dangerous to travel during this time. Not only that, but Ruijerd helps them do their normal work, reducing casualties. Gyes and Rudy talk about Ghislaine and how far she’s come both as an honorable warrior and a student of magic. Meanwhile, Tona says Eris should stay in the village, but Eris refuses, and Tona and Eris get into a physical altercation.

Gyes tries to comfort Tona, but he knows he made a mistake with Ghislaine. He said that when he and Ghislaine broke up, their relationship was bad. He begs Tona not to make the same mistake, as Eris and Rudy are leaving the next morning.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 4 00019
Tona and Tersena meet Eris before she leaves

That night, Tona went to apologize to Eris, and she was forgiven. Tona and Tersena gave Eris a small wooden doll that looked like her and Rudy. The next morning, the three girls embraced and cried, and Alice swore she would return one day.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 4 00016
Alice is very happy with their doll

When they leave the tribe, Geese follows them, and they seem to be heading for Millis, the same place Roxy is going.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 4 00018
Goose, let’s go for a ride together!

We have also given up a lot of legends about the “Seven Great Warriors of the World”: Shu Shen, Dragon God, Fighting God, Demon God, Death God, Sword God and North God, but there is no conclusion. Rudy might fight those guys later.


Here’s another cute episode! I’m really happy that the message of this episode was very clear and well executed. I’m so excited to see Eris with her two younger friends, and it’s great to see her character slowly change and mature as she gets older!

Rudy really takes a backseat in this episode, which is a welcome change, to be honest. I don’t mind focusing on other characters at times like this! I wonder if we’ll get an episode next to show Ruijerd’s character development?

Also, lessgooo, Geese joins the man

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