Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 5 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World’s One-handed Doro Benki Osu. This is Episode 05 of Season 1 Part 2 .

From the last episode, I’m curious to see how the team dynamic will change with the addition of Geese! I love Geese, especially how in episode 3 he chooses to help Rudy fight Gallus instead of letting him fight alone. Hopefully he doesn’t fall out of my favor like Paul did.


The episode begins with Ruijerd, Rudy, Eris, and Geese finally reaching the capital of Millis. When they arrived, Geese said goodbye, saying they would meet again soon. This is inexplicable? I hope Geese doesn’t turn into a villain.

the goose’s reaction when he said he was gone

They went to a hotel that night, where Rudy showed off a small globe sculpture he had made for Rajed. He said that whenever they help someone, they should give them a small sculpture to help slowly build up Sperd’s name, specifically Ruijerd and “Dead End.” The next day, they will spend a “free day” getting used to the city. Eris plans to hunt some goblins.

Colorless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 2 Episode 5 00003
Eris talking about killing goblins

During that spare day, Rudy witnessed a man on horseback carrying another man with a bag over his head. Rudy thought it was another kidnapped child and felt he had to intervene. He sneaks into their hideout, but things go sour when he finds a pair of women’s underwear. To hide his identity, he wears them on his head while fighting.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 5 00004
Rudy Overhead Panties

He plays well, and the “leader” of the group, a drunk, stumbles out. Things got really awkward when we found out that the leader…was Paul.

Colorless Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 2 Episode 5 00005

At a nearby tavern run by Paul’s team, Rudy tells Paul about all the fun he’s had with Alice and Rajed over the past year and a half. Paul was very angry with Rudy, and the two had a fierce quarrel.

Apparently, the entire Roa continent—including Rudy’s hometown, the capital where he and Eris are, everything—has been teleported. People are thrown onto continents they don’t know. Paul created this group of people to find those who were lost. He was very angry with Rudy when he said he left messages for Rudy at the Adventurers Guild, but Rudy never met them. Instead, he’s dealing with Alice and Rajrud.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 5 00006
Paul said Rudy and the girls were too busy

Rudy starts beating Paul, and Norn, now able to walk and talk, interrupts them and begs Rudy not to “bully” her dad. Rudy demands to know why Paul appears to be kidnapping people, explaining that many are enslaved when transported to a continent they don’t know or speak the local language. Paul tells Rudy that Aisha, Lilia and Zenith are still missing a year later.

Reincarnation Without Food Episode 2 Episode 5 00007
Norn pushes Rudy

For more than a year, Rudy has been hovering in the clouds.

Rudy was very upset when he got home. After all, Paul has many advantages. He throws up and Eris comforts him.


Wow. This episode is fantastic. Rudy really needs a reality check!I’m not sure if they’ll address how serious the situation must be for some people, but it looks like Paul is giving Rudy a harsh dose Exactly It means being a hero. After all, Rudy acts like he’s in a role-playing game—not real life. He’s always talking about “best xyz” instead of using his real head to think about what’s going on.

and, Paul is right! Rudy is so busy staring at Eris and thinking about sleeping with her so much that he’s really not doing much else of substance, or doing anything for the world at all.

This episode is fantastic. I really like how Rudy takes his place in a way that feels realistic and effective. We were held with him because I doubt any of us ever thought about the possibility of Rudy’s family being enslaved.

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