Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 Episode 8 Review

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Takeshi Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation yes official english name Takeshi Reincarnation: Another World – Tara Motoki Osu. This is Episode 08 of Season 1 Part 2.

Previously, we saw Roxy meet her parents for the first time in years, ending the “repair relationship with her parents” arc we saw with Rudy.

This episode, I hope we get to see where the rest of Rudy’s family is!


Our episode begins with Man-God contacting Rudy again. Hitogami told Rudy that if his advice gave Rudy the results he wanted, then Rudy had to behave better to him and trust him more. Rudy roundabout agreed. Man-god shows Rudy with his demon eyes the scene of Aisha being arrested by some guards, and tells him that he will see Aisha soon – but he cannot tell Aisha his real name. From there, he has to send a letter. By doing so, he will free her and Lilia.

Rudy talks to the man-god again in his old body

Rudy wakes up, and he, Ellis, and Rajed disembark and enter a city. Rudy told them that he got word that Lilia and Aisha were being held somewhere, but didn’t tell them where he got it from. He wrote a letter to Roxy, who he believed was still working at the palace.

Takeshi Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 08 Comments 0004 Rudy frowned
Rudy wants to know if I should send this letter to Roxy

As the man-god said, Rudy saw Elsa being harassed by some of the guards, and this time he could clearly see that they were the palace guards. They are snatching a letter from Aisha, and Aisha runs to Rudy to ask him to help her. He did, and used his magic to escape. He asks Elsa what the letter is, and Elsa explains that she and her mother are imprisoned in the palace, so she tries to write to her father for help.

Takeshi Tensei Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 08 Comments 0003 Rudy and Aisha Escape
Rudy and Elsa escape from the guards

Rudy asked if she could ask someone else for help—a brother, perhaps? ——but Aisha said no, and she found a pair of lingerie that was said to be from Lilia’s collection. She came to the conclusion that her brother was a total pervert and she didn’t want any contact with him. 100% true. smart kid.

Takeshi Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 08 Comments 0002 Aisha Anger
Elsa tells Rudy how sad she is for her brother

So Rudy continues to use a pseudonym around Aisha. The next morning, a guard came to Rudy and asked if he would accompany her to the palace, since he had been summoned by Roxy. Excited, Rudy got dressed and left with the guards.

Takeshi Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 08 Comments 0001 Rudy Blushes
rudy is going to see roxy

However, when he arrived, he was snatched of his cane and luggage and taken into a room where Lilia was bound and gagged. In Part 1 Episode 2, Pax, the kid Roxy has been tutoring since he left Rudy’s house, demands that Rudy be locked up. He’s sealed under a seal that doesn’t allow him to cast any magic, so he can’t escape. Parks explained that he would use Rudy and Lilia as bait to lure Roxy so he could defile her.

Takeshi Reincarnation Unemployed Reincarnation Episode 08 Comments 0000 people

Rudy explained at the end of the episode that he strictly followed the instructions of the Man-God, but couldn’t understand why he was imprisoned. He wondered if Man-shen had framed him on purpose.


The elephant in the room — Parks is practically Rudy’s foil. Parks is exactly what Rudy might have been in his past life – a vulgar, disgusting pervert interested only in having the women he likes. Parks’ visual appearance shows this too – Rudy was overweight in his previous life, and so was Parks, and they’re the only two characters to show that. I think the writer tried to make them visually similar to emphasize the point.

I want Rudy to see Pax and be like “Wow, that’s… absolutely disgusting.” and change him a little bit, especially since Aisha just revealed what she thinks of him.

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