Music star, Davido replies a die-hard fan who wanted to leave the hospital for his concert (Video)

Award-winning music star Davido, who is preparing for today’s concert, has responded to a die-hard fan who wanted to leave the hospital for his concert.

On the Weibo platform, the fan, who identified himself as Samuel Otigba, revealed that he begged nurses to allow him to attend Davido’s Timeless concert after surgery yesterday.

However, his request was denied, but they granted his second request, to have Davido’s songs played on his hospital bed.

“After yesterday’s operation, I begged this lady to let me go to Davido’s Timeless concert today. Of course, you know the answer. After the successful operation, while the anesthesia was still tormenting me, I asked for this song. I love this Song”.

Fortunately for him, his tweet caught Davido’s attention, and the singer begged him to take a break.

Praying for his speedy recovery, he reminds him that Timeless isn’t going anywhere.

“Rest well and get well soon! Remember this album is forever, it’s not going anywhere!!”.

This isn’t the first time Davido’s fans have gone the extra mile for him.

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