My Home Hero Episode 12 Review

The final episode of this incredibly dramatic anime offers us a dark ending.

another murder

Yida dies in Zhexiong’s arms

Not only did Tetsuo kill once now, he killed twice. It was murder that compelled him to take such extreme measures to protect his family, and now, he’s doing it again. However, life in Jeddah was terrible. Imagine that the whole world loves only one person, and then he leaves you forever, and it’s even sadder that he dies with these thoughts.

How to Get Away with Murder, Pt.2

Screenshot 2023 06 18 on 18.48.10
“Will I be forgiven?”

The old procedure, Tetsuo is going to hide now. Throughout the series, Tetsuo has been doing his best to get away with murder and live a better life with his family, and now, in the final episode, he’s come full circle in the worst possible way.

dark ending

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Tetsuo lost

It was so gripping. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m assuming that the man in prison uniform Tetsuo was talking to took the responsibility for him to live happily with his family. Will the organization accept it? The guy in the car somehow came to the conclusion that Yida was “lost”, but would that fool the more intelligent members like Kubo or Kyouichi? Who knows, but as of now, Tetsuo appears to be unharmed. If the person in the prison really took the blame for Tiexiong, would the organization still pursue Gongyi? They have no reason right? It all comes down to whether or not they believe that the guy who fell really killed Shinji. But it’s the real shocker – the final scene. It can be interpreted in several ways, but I think the clearest is that Tetsuo has lost it. He finally gets the happy ending with his family, which he’s been trying to get, but it turns out his mind is broken by everything he’s been through. Another theory (based on that creepy smile) is that he has become obsessed with murder and intends to go out and kill more people. Either way, it’s a dark ending to an incredibly gripping and underrated anime!

Thoughts on this anime

For drama fans, this anime is a must-see. It’s intense and will keep you on the edge of your seat for most of the series. The cliffhanger is brutal, and waiting a week for each new episode is a drag, so now that it’s done, it’s definitely better. This anime is my first wrap up of spring reviews so I just wanted to say thanks a lot for reading please leave any comments below and please keep supporting us on LAN for the best news, reviews, recaps and more of! Take care guys.

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