My Home Hero Episode 4 Review

There’s a lot going on in this episode- Tetsuo and Kyoichi Team up, introduce new characters, and engage in shootouts!

lies, lies, and more lies

Screenshot 2023 04 23 on 19.10.56
Tetsuo made up his mind

Tetsuo decides the best course of action is to lie to his family to protect them. I understand his decision, but he has to realize that going it alone can seriously affect his future mental state. No one to talk about it except the people in Yakuza, no one to share his feelings, nothing. For the sake of his family, he had to bear the burden of killing alone.

deeper scum

Screenshot 2023 04 23 on 19.12.41
Tetsuo and Kyouichi talking with Hibiki

if we don’t already know believer is a liar LixiangIn this episode it is revealed that he has been deceiving as many as five different girl hurt ring Be like Reika in the process. This guy really deserves it. He’s a deceitful, abusive, good-for-nothing guy. That is your karma!

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Tetsuo and Kyouichi

Screenshot 2023 04 23 on 19.14.24
plan didn’t go as planned

Kyoichi is shot! As the episode wraps up, I see a recurring theme of super cliffhangers, like I said last week. Seeing how things turn out, maybe it will be easier for the two of them to scrape together 10 million yen (about $75,000). It’s definitely not easy, but with gang connections, it’s much easier to earn such a lot of money than ordinary people.

plot idea

I really like this series, I like the suspense and drama. The pacing is spot on so far too, with one development after another happening and it does a good job of keeping my interest. Keep going next week! As always, please leave any comments you have about this episode/series below!

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