My Home Hero Episode 6 Review

Tetsuo and Kyoichilife is at stake believer Near the end, will the organization believe Tetsuo’s fabricated videotape?

search continues

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Tetsuo and Kasen trying to unlock Nobuto’s phone

As the deadline to find Nobuto looms, I’m sure Tetsuo is already sweating nervously.In the last episode he and carson A videotape was made to convince the group that Nobuto was alive, which I doubt they would because it is impossible for Tetsuo to show Nobuto’s face in the video.

The organization finds videos

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Yida learns that the believer may still be alive

and ringWith help, the video fell into the hands of the organization. I’m sure Tetsuo didn’t have high hopes for the video to completely fool the group given the lack of concrete evidence, but if it can stall them for a while, then it will. As we can see, the group immediately deduced that the video was likely fake. Time to rack your brains and come up with another solution to prove your innocence, Tetsuo!

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carson’s tricks of deception

Screenshot 2023 05 08 at 00.31.26
Kyoichi from Tetsuo’s family

One thing I found in this episode was how Tetsuo’s guilt started to arise.He didn’t feel guilty for killing Xinren, but after seeing Yida Weeping in a pub, he was saddened to have taken a son from his father. As a father, he understands exactly what it feels like to love a child, which is why it hit him so hard. I really like this twist, it adds a nice layer to the plot and can even influence Tetsuo’s future actions. But let’s talk about Carson’s actions at Tosu’s house. She has learned to get along with Tetsuo and improvises really well, even to the point where she can put on a good show in front of Kyoichi and fool him. Her ideas are also pretty impressive — for example, putting laxatives throughout the coffee pot, rather than just in Kyoichi’s cup, to avoid suspicion. Tetsuo’s murder has transformed her into someone who will stop at nothing to avoid long Lixiang Is it possible to get away from it all? Judging by the end of this episode, it won’t be long!

plot idea

Fans of drama/detective anime, you have to give this one a look. The pacing is very good and the tension builds up after each episode, the way anime of this genre should be done. Overall another great episode, let us know what you think of the anime so far!

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