My Home Hero Episode 8 Review

Gong takes Tiexiong to his apartment, Huaxian’s guilt makes Lixiang cancel her plan to meet Gongyi.

close call

Screenshot 2023 05 21 at 23.41.05
Tetsuo hides in the locker to avoid Kyoichi

Honestly, I don’t know how he did it.The last scene of the previous episode showed us Kyoichi Tetsuo was within sight of him as he exited the elevator, but somehow, with a wicked reaction time, Tetsuo managed to hide. It certainly helped that Kyoichi was also looking at his phone, but it was still Tetsuo’s quick thinking.

Carson intervenes

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Cassian’s cries successfully made Lixiang feel guilty

Tetsuo and carson Always working with each other and doing what they thought was best for their only daughter. They are like the ultimate team to fight these Yakuza demons intent on bringing harm to humans. Lixiang – They’re so in sync now, I love it. It’s smart for Kasen to “bump into” Reika and treat it as a coincidence, but of course Reika can figure out a way to get out of it if she wants, she says she’s meeting a friend, forcing Kasen to level up and making Reika feel guilty for indirectly insulting her (When Reika calls her embarrassing). Obviously, seeing her mother crying like that would make Lingxiang feel bad, so according to Huaxian’s plan, Lingxiang canceled the meeting with Gongyi.

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Kyoichi’s apartment

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 00.13.50
Gong took Zeff to his apartment

Zhexiong is right, Gong Yi is too careful in everything he does. From installing security locks on his door to forcing Tetsuo to keep his head down so he can’t see where he lives, Kyoichi takes no chances. After the dialogue between Huaxian and Gongyi’s mother in the first few episodes, we can sympathize with him and understand why he did this. This made it hard to hear him talk about his dream of opening a restaurant with Zhexiong. Maybe somewhere in there, he’s more than just a cold-blooded gang member.

plot idea

Another good episode, the pace was a bit slower than the last one, no major developments this week. With next week’s episode titled “A Fateful Day,” it looks like the search for the man is over! How will this affect Tetsuo and Kyoichi’s relationship? Will Kyouichi frame Zhexiong like he said? We will wait and see!

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