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My Husband Pays Me Every Time We Meet In The Bedroom – Married Woman Laments » Ngnews247

A woman complaining about the way her husband treats her is tantamount to disrespecting their union.

She said her husband would pay her every time they slept together, and he would even invite her to different hotels and pay her after each intimate encounter.

A businesswoman has shared the devastated woman’s story online and says the wife felt disrespected because her man treated her like a runaway girl.

The woman said the man’s habit of paying for her body started when they were dating, which she considered a fun-filled activity.

But the problem now is that they have been married for three years, and every time they meet in the dormitory, he still gives her money.

She says they don’t have kids yet, and she hopes his eccentricities will stop now that they’re a couple.

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