My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog Episode 3 Review

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My life as the dog of a fellow dog breeder is the official English localization title Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta.

In the last episode, we saw Pochita (the main character in dog form) meet Inuyang-san’s only friend Nekoya. Borchita plans to convince Cat Valley to take him home.

I’m sure, this episode we’ll see him act on that plan!


Borchita crawled towards Cat Valley and whined to get her attention, resulting in Cat Valley screaming and starting to cry. Borchita realizes that Cat Valley is actually afraid of dogs. Obviously a pun, the cat (Neko) is terrified of dogs.

Valley of Cats, Scared of Pochita

Borchita realizes his escape plan won’t go well. A centipede from the wall climbed up on Catgut as it fled from him to the bed, but she was too frightened of Pochita to notice.

My Dog Raises No Dog Life Episode 3 Comments 0007 Centipede Cat Valley
Centipede on Cat Valley

He jumped on the bed, causing Cat Valley to run out the bedroom door and trip, hitting his knee. The centipede crawled up her back and under her shirt.

My Inu Kai No Dog Life Episode 3 Comments 0006 Cat Valley Falls Asleep
Literally how you slept

Apparently Cat Valley fell asleep after the fall For some reason. Borchita followed the centipede under her shirt, eventually undoing her bra in the process of finding the centipede.

We see her bare chest for a moment, until he finds the centipede and crawls out from the top of her shirt. He threw the centipede away. She wakes up in a panic, picks up Pochita and throws it away.

my life as inukai without a dog episode 3 comment 0005 nekotani scared
Cat Valley dropped Pochita and crawled away

Porchita is trying to figure out how to get close to Cat Valley without her being afraid of him, so he gets close enough to lick her. When she let him close, he licked the cut on her knee and made her laugh because it was so itchy.

My life as Inukai without a dog Episode 3 Comments 0004 Cat Valley lol
cat valley laugh

Seeing this, Inukai felt jealous and deliberately bumped his little toe into the corner so that Pochita would lick it too. Pochita did it, Inukai got weird as usual with Pochita.

My Life as Inukai Without a Dog Episode 3 Comments 0003 Inukai Blushing Toes
Inukai tries to get Pochita to lick her toes

Inukai demands to know what Moguchi did to Pochita while she was away, and Mogukai admits that he got into her shirt.Inukai got angry and said he never did that she However. Therefore, Inukai lifts up his clothes to let Pochita in, and chases him until he does.

My Life as Inukai No Dog Episode 3 Review 0002 Inukai Dress
This is cropped because I cannot show you.

Shocked by all this, Nekoya asks Inukai what the hell she’s doing, but then asks if she’s jealous because she’s with Pochita. She promises not to steal Pochita from Inukai.

My life as Inukai without a dog Episode 3 Comments 0001 Inukai pouts
Inukai pouts

Before Catgut leaves, she pets Pochita and tells him that she’s grateful he got the centipede — something she apparently understood, even though she was completely asleep at the time. Borchita told himself that even though things didn’t go as planned, he was glad Cat Valley didn’t seem to hate him.

My Life as Inukai Sans Dogs Episode 3 Comments 0000 Mogu Leaving Inuyang
cat valley leave


I don’t have any issues with the series, but I’m curious as to who the audience for this anime is. If someone wants to see nudes, don’t they just go to X site? Why Are they watching this?

And the series won’t be on TV because of its nudity. So I can’t help but wonder who this is for.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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