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Popular actor and musician Idowu Adeyemi, known professionally as Yhemolee, said his parents’ divorce nearly ruined his and his sister’s lives.

He said their parents separated when they were very young, so he had to take on the responsibility of sending himself and his sister to school.

Yhemo Lee, who often brags about his nightlife expenses, opened up about his family in a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo.

He said; “I saw myself and my sister at school. They [our parents] Separate at a time when they could be detrimental to our lives.

“My parents were very well off. I mean, I went to one of the best schools at the time. But they left us all of a sudden.”

The singer added that last year he reunited with his parents for his mum’s birthday and even took them clubbing. He said they are on good terms now.

Meanwhile, Ngnews247 reported earlier that Yhemo Lee recalled how he helped Afro-rhythm band Asake to get to know Olamide.

The nightlife promoter said he and the “Joha” singer had been friends for about 13 years and it was an incredible moment when Olamide signed him.

Yhemo Lee expressed this in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, while recounting how he begged the YBNL boss to give Asake a chance.

He said he recorded a song with DanDizzy and YKB, so when Baddo heard it, he liked it and reached out.

According to him, Olamide first asked for DanDizzy’s contact information, saying he wanted them to work together, and it was during their online conversation that he defended Asake.

Yhemo Lee said he only hopes the hit songmaker will bless Asake with a poem and doesn’t expect a record deal.

He said that after a few chats, Olamide asked him to send an audio file of Omo Ope, which he immediately recorded and sent back to Ihemo.

He said Olamide started talking about a promotion, and about two days later, he revealed that he was interested in signing Asak to the YBNL.

The promoter said he went straight to Olamide’s house, where the contracts were ready and waiting for them. Ihmo Lee added that on the same day, Asek signed the documents.

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