My Wife and I Will Have Different Rooms So I Can Keep Being Polygamous – Rapper, Blaqbonez (Video)

Nigerian rap star Emeka Akumefule, better known as Blaqbonez, said he would settle down, but it would be a different type of marriage.

The hip-hop artist said that due to personal preference, he does not want to share the same room with his wife.

Blaqbonez made it clear during a guest appearance on The Nancy Isime Show, where he also subtly tried to film his shots, and said he wouldn’t mind having such an arrangement with the actress if she wanted to.

The ‘Haba’ singer said he and his wife will have separate rooms to accommodate their individual differences.

He goes on to give the example of liking a dark room, while his wife might be more inclined to like a pink room. The entertainer also said he likes his bathroom to have a certain look and doesn’t want to see things hanging in different places.

Plus, Blaqbonez says, the separate room arrangement from his partner helps him maintain his polygamous nature so he can have sex with other women without disturbing his wife.

He said; “I will be married but I will be in a different kind of marriage. I don’t want to be in the same room as my wife. You have your room and I have mine. First aesthetically, if I were Batman, I hope it’s dark and Batman style everywhere, and what if you’re Barbie princess.

You stay in that room, I stay in this room. Also, it helps with my polygamy and I can do my P low-key without bothering you. “

Watch him speak below:

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