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Naira Scarcity: Angry Customers Beat Up Bank Security Guard In Abia State

Residents of Umuahia, Abia state manhandled a commercial bank security guard as he took a customer’s phone Friday morning.

It is understood that in the early morning of the day of the incident, more than 500 customers were waiting to enter the bank hall to withdraw money.

The bank angered its customers by announcing that there would be no cash to pay them that day as the bank would only provide other services and close by 2pm.

The security guard, Obi, then tried to grab the mobile phone of a female customer who was on a video call inside the bank premises, drawing the ire of disappointed customers.

He is understood to have accused the female client, identified simply as Nwanyi Ubakala, of recording the chaotic scene outside the lobby of the bank and uploading it on Facebook or Tik Tok just to embarrass the bank.

But the female customer denied the allegation, explaining she had only received a video call from a relative before she quickly tossed the phone into her handbag.

However, the security guard reprimanded the woman for allegedly violating current bank security regulations, which prohibit recording any kind of video on or off the bank’s premises or lobby.

But the security guard decided to delete the allegedly offensive video and seized the female customer’s handbag, insisting that she delete the video in his presence or face arrest.

That prompted the woman to sound the alarm, drawing more than a dozen male and female customers and staff furious who tried to harass a woman over a video call.

Their colleague was spared further beatings only after the intervention of other security guards at the bank.

The play caused a brief traffic jam at the FMC/Umudike junction in Umuahia as many motorists slowed down to watch the scene.


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