Nanashi Kaidan Airs New Episodes Next Month

horror anime in 2022seven monstersjust revealed that new episodes of the series will be available from August 7-11.

This message is accompanied by visuals and a 30-second trailer SHOPRO Official YouTube Channel To promote new episodes. The number of new episodes has not yet been confirmed, and the three actors who played the characters in the story may return:

  • Yoshino Aoyama as Bon
  • Asahina Circle Ornament Koko
  • Subaru Kimura plays Makuroji Yuki

Nanashi Kaidan is an original short horror anime from the creators Produced by Shogakukan Shueisha. The anime has 10 episodes and will end airing in the summer of 2022. It basically tells a series of horror stories that revolve around the everyday life of a child.

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