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Native Doctor Storms A Popular Bank With Juju To Help Customers Gain Access » Ngnews247

A local doctor makes a splash by showing up at a popular bank to help himself and other clients into the lobby.

He arrives with a gourd containing a fetish substance and tries to use his powers to force the security door open.

In photos that have surfaced online, the traditionalist is seen wearing a red body wrap with a snake-like object around his neck.

According to witnesses, he began to cast some spells to open the door and let people in, but was unsuccessful.

Clients who watched him work while he worked were said to belittle his power by saying juju didn’t work for the bank.

One netizen who shared the photo wrote; “A customer at an Access Bank branch is amazed to see an Aboriginal doctor in the bank trying to perform some kind of magic so he can get inside the bank, but he fails.

local doctor bank

Heard customers around him tell him ‘Juju No Dey Work for Bank’. “

Reaction, @trueAFICIONADO said; In addition to acting, banks are very spiritual than these little jujus. Go to India and you will understand that the boss of this commercial bank is beyond your imagination. They play o🤣🤣

@trueAFICIONADO; It happened 2 weeks ago, I think because I watched the video, he just figured out how to cut the line, he was nothing special 😂


@Gen2 Lovely; visit a bank, you can’t access your money…but, well, watin babalawo finds a bank, usually, based on Nollywood, he thinks leaving money to his shrine. Whoever is born to go, steal the money of the gods.

@Rufus88262455; Why don’t local doctors go to the bank? ! The gods are hungry, and the gods want to spend money to buy chicken and fried rice. Chai…nija na Season Movies We have been working on season 5 since 2019.

@FrancisBatey; Local doctors use shells. What is he looking for at the bank?

@viido_; Ezenmo sef didn’t get cash 😂 @GodwinIEmefiele you’re playing with God

@YinkaElijah2; 💰 juju ceremonies no longer work as there is no cash anywhere, but the spirits will carry it with them.

@Cyzorosgatus; Bank branch will start closing down and it will suffocate y’all because no one knows what kind of spell he cast there before leaving Wetin follow me 🥳🥳

@Homodayor; I saw this in Nairaland and I can’t believe it, I can see it’s true.
Due to the cashless policy, the herbalists seem to be short of cash and need to go to the bank to withdraw money.Cash belts don’t consider anyone, be it priests, imams or herbalists

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