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Native Doctor Uncovers ‘Juju’ Buried In School After Students Complained of ‘Spirit’ » Ngnews247

A traditionalist has come to the rescue of students at Phalakgoro High School in South Africa, who often complain of strange things happening at night.

He was invited to his school in Khureng, Zebediela, Limpopo province, after students claimed they always saw an old man who was believed to be a spirit calling to them.

Victims told school authorities that the strange old man was standing in the bathroom, calling their names, but when the children tried to answer him, they passed out.

The traditionalists performed some purification spells and found buried items somewhere in the school compound.

Among the items he found were a hand clutching a pen (which was later excavated), the head of a dead chicken, eggs and gourds.

However, South Africans are skeptical about the veracity of local doctors’ findings.

@KLouw15; Sangomas and lies, yerrrr, the eggs are nice and fresh after being buried in the ground, the chicken heads look like they were buried earlier in the day or put there soon.

@MakhZep49775144; I can tell you that traditional healers buried it and later claimed to have snuffed them out

@bruska101; That’s easy to prove, call the other three Sangoma’s from different provinces, they have to determine where the other Sangoma found those things, and you’ll see that this thing from Sangoma is just a hoax. Sangoma and inyangas nothing is true. nix.


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