Neeraj Chopra Wins Javelin Throw Event: What is the Diamond League and How Are Global Sporting Events Organized?

Czech pitcher Jakub Vadreich was just 4cm behind Neeraj’s mark in his best attempt, while two-time world champion Anderson Peters was only third with 85.88m in the Elite Diamond League season opener. Get 2nd place.

The win gave Chopra an early lead in the Diamond League standings, with the next match scheduled for June 9 in Paris.

What is the Diamond League?

The Diamond League is an annual elite track and field competition series. It was launched in 2010 to replace the previous IAAF Gold League and IAAF World Championships in Athletics. The Diamond League is organized by World Athletics (formerly the IAAF or International Association of Athletics Federations), the governing body of athletics.

This year will consist of 14 one-day events (13 series and 1 final) running from May to September, with male and female players competing in 32 events. Host cities include Doha, Rabat, Rome/Florence, Paris, Oslo, Lausanne, Stockholm, Silesia, Monaco, London, Zurich, Shenzhen, Brussels and Eugene.

The season opener in Doha has 14 matches (6 for women and 8 for men). The events include pole vault (w), discus (m), triple jump (m), 400m (w), 3000m obstacle course (w), high jump (m), 400m hurdles (m), javelin throw (m), 100m hurdles ( w), 800m (meter), 100m (meter), 3000m (meter), 200m (meter), 1500m (meter).

Not every event/event is played at every Diamond League game. For example, Neeraj Chopra will not play in his next two Diamond League games.

Points will be given to the top eight athletes in each match (8 points for first place, 7 points for second place, and so on). The top 6 in track and field events, the top 8 in 100m-800m events, and the top 10 in 1500m and long-distance events enter the finals. In the finals, his points are doubled (16 points for first place), and the team with the most points total for the entire season wins the prestigious Diamond Trophy, a $30,000 prize and a World Athletics wild card. earn.

What competitions do athletes compete in?

The Diamond League is like the bread and butter of top track athletes, held annually, providing frequent competition for elite athletes competing in multiple competitions. These include:

  • OlympicIt is the most prestigious and most anticipated international multi-sport event organized by the International Olympic Association. It is held every four years. It is the most prestigious competition for track and field athletes.
  • world championSponsored by World Athletics, it is held every two years. These are the most prestigious track and field events in the world and are often considered second only to the Olympics in terms of individual achievement.
  • Intercontinental Championship Held on a continental basis. These include the European Athletics Championships, the Asian Athletics Championships, the African Athletics Championships, the North, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Championships (NACAC) and the Oceania Athletics Championships.
  • main game The Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, African Games, Pan American Games, European Games, etc. are all comprehensive sports games with track and field as one of the events. In principle, it is held every four years.
  • Diamond League It showcases the high level of athletics competition and attracts the best athletes every year.

Of the first three competitions, the Diamond League is usually the most competitive for the world’s top athletes. However, continental championships or major games may receive greater publicity due to their quadrennial organization or multi-sport nature.

  • Finally, elite athletes National and Regional ChampionshipsThe talent pool is often of lower quality, but these competitions develop elite athletes, and up-and-coming athletes can perform well and be selected or invited to compete at a higher level. It also serves as a location.

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